Experience the Rhythmic Fusion of Cuban American Salsa Maestro – Tony D Leon Unleashes \”Callejón\”

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Featuring rich, pulsating, and magnetic Latin Beats, famed \”Swing de la Salsa\” Tony D Leon presents his latest release

Nashville, Tennessee —January 2, 2024 – A fiery, passionate force in the music world, Tony D Leon is the musical virtuoso behind three outstanding albums. “Dios Esta En Control,” formed the artist’s debut collaboration with Maestro Alexis Ortega, and the orchestra “Abda,” depicted his early mastery.

His acclaimed second album, “Desordenada,” featured arrangements by Carlos Infante and a blend of songs by Juan Kemell and Tony himself. Similarly, “Mi Intimidad,” the artist’s third album, unveiled the artist’s gentler side with 11 original compositions.

Creating magic with his spiritually expressive, moving, and electric music, Tony’s latest gem in his repertoire is the record “Milagros” – a testament to his enduring musical brilliance. Rooted in faith and a profound love for the art, the artist also released “Regalo de Dios” in May 2019, a Mother’s Day tribute, followed by “Dale Que Está La Verde” in honor of his late grandmother.

In a thrilling continuation of his musical odyssey, Tony D Leon, also known as “Swing de la Salsa,” introduces his latest single, “Callejón,” on January 5th. The track pulsates with the infectious energy of Latin beats, showcasing Tony’s signature style that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary flair. “Callejón” promises to be a stand-out, immersive Latin delight, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the soul-stirring world of Tony D Leon.

Through the years, Tony has found himself a diverse audience, which comprises salsa aficionados seeking the joy of dance intertwined with the rich cultural tapestry of Latin rhythms.

With a goal to ascend to superstardom and be recognized by the Latin Grammys as one of the finest salsa singers, Tony continues to carve his own distinctive niche. His albums are available on major platforms like iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby, drawing listeners into the magnetic world of his salsa compositions.

As “Callejón” makes its debut, salsa enthusiasts and music lovers are invited to connect with Tony D Leon on Spotify! The single is also available for purchase and download on his official website, offering a gateway to a world where rhythm and passion converge. The artist remains open to reviews, interviews, and collaborative opportunities of all sorts!



Hailing from the vibrant city of Santa Clara in Cuba, Tony D Leon emerged as a musical prodigy from a young age. Gifted a guitar by his father at six, the artist embarked on a musical journey that led him to study at the prestigious Fructuoso Rodriguez Music School. Tony’s early prowess earned him a series of accolades in talent competitions, consistently claiming the top spot.

At 18, Tony D Leon transitioned into the realm of professional singing, lending his soulful voice to various musical groups in Cuba, including Los Anders, Yayabo, Diakara, and La Barriada. His melodious journey took him to stages across 17 countries, leaving a lasting mark on the hearts of salsa enthusiasts worldwide.


Tony D Leon
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