Expressing Authenticity and Originality Through Rock Ballad

Expressing Authenticity and Originality Through Rock Ballad

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Remaining true to his passion for making top quality recordings, this artist has released a classic rock style single

Sunbury, PA – November 6th, 2021 – Kevin Roy Correll is an artist with a story to tell and classical rock is his avenue. His new single, “Old Man”, scheduled to be released soon, is also inspired by life experiences. An ode to his conversations with his grandfather, Correll gets real in his lyrics and talks about things that matter, making the content of this single is relatable. He talks about the connection between the young and the old of a family and how the loved ones who pass on still live in those left behind. Deeply emotional, this song will remind listeners of their loved ones. Despite being a classic rock artist, Kevin Roy Correll still manages to infuse various genres in his music. His authenticity and originality often elicit responses such as “Nobody writes songs like that anymore”. Correll has also released several tracks earlier in the year, all receiving the same response from listeners.

The latest release, “Old Man”, was mixed and mastered by StudioPros in Los Angeles. They also provided instruments and support like drums, bass, strings, back vocals, and guitar tracks. Correll originally recorded the lead vocals and lead guitar at his home studio in Sunbury, PA. In fact, Correll and StudioPros go way back – they have been involved in every song the artist has released, resulting in some top-quality recording.

The first songs this artist learned were “Smoke On the Water” and “Rock Around The Clock” as a young boy. The very next song was one he wrote on his own. In 2016, the artist was diagnosed with throat cancer. After getting treated, a year later, Correll was on a mission to write original music only. On May 6th, 2018, the artist released his first-ever CD and started promoting solo acoustic. He also played at the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA and met some promoters at the World Café Live in Philadelphia, opening some doors.

Plans for Correll include putting together a band promoting his music by gathering a wide fanbase. The artist would love for the readers to listen to his songs and share their feedback if they like them. Kevin Roy Correll believes fans rule and is always enthusiastic about reaching out to them.

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Kevin Roy Correll started playing the guitar at the tender age of twelve; he has been involved in music ever since. Despite having ups and downs, Kevin has continued to write, record, and produce his music.  A staunch believer in making original compositions, Kevin has followed his heart even if it went against what others said.


Kevin Roy Correll
Name: Kevin Roy Correll
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