Extendo Mars: I Don’t Make Music, I Create Vibes

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Flint, Michigan — Extendo Mars aspires to be a great artist. By creating a specific energy around each song, he focuses on “creating a vibe” for every song. Whether it be upbeat and aggressive, or chill and melodic, Mars wants to take his fans on a 2-3 minute long journey.

Mars creates vibes for anyone to enjoy, however diehard rap fans will find his music the most satisfying. With many different flows and styles, he doesn’t plan to disappoint. His music can be found on all platforms, and 2022 will initiate a year of consistent drops from him.

Mars’ main goal as an artist is to make music to take his fans’ mind off of their day. He uses music as a coping mechanism and a getaway from life, and wants to provide the same to his listeners. When asked why he decided to make music, he stated: ” I didn’t wanna be hear for a long, long time. Music helped me out of that space, so if I can create music that has that same effect, I’ll be satisfied. “

Mars plans to take his music career to the next level in 2022, releasing music consistently accompanied with music videos and local performances. Excited to branch out and make the most out of his potential, he looks forward to what is in store for him.

Whether you’re in the car looking for something to blow your eardrums out or relaxing in your home, Extendo Mars has a song to fit the vibe. Take a look at his current discography and be on the lookout for his new releases in 2022.

Be sure to follow Extendo Mars on Instagram and stream his music on all platforms. https://open.spotify.com/artist/75HWOEykFOhT8vUJBXXEJt?si=Tvt8wqR1TzulR5Ihp2i8LQ&utm_source=copy-link




Extendo Mars aims to create a variety of vibes for as many situations as possible. No matter what the mood is, Mars has a song for you. As a youth growing up in a city poisoned with poverty, he aspires to “make it big” and give back to his community. Follow him on Instagram @extendo_mars.


Extendo Mars
Name: LaMar Montel Calvert II
Address: 1632 Mason Street, Flint, Michigan
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 8104471153


Instagram: https://Instagram.com/extendo_mars
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC9saBwtdaOZWWHyYqaYka1Q
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/75HWOEykFOhT8vUJBXXEJt?si=Tvt8wqR1TzulR5Ihp2i8LQ&utm_source=copy-link


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