Fast Rising Rapper President Zik Releases His Fourth Solo Offering Titled ‘See You Soon’, A Body Of Work Characterized By Excellent Production And Stellar Story Telling. It Is Set To Be The First Installment In A Series Of Projects To Be Released By President Zik

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Abuja, Abuja, Nigeria — President Zik is set to release his fourth solo offering titled ‘See You Soon’. A hip hop/rap project containing 4 tracks, it is  a stellar showing of dynamic production along with thoughtful and introspective storytelling.

‘See You Soon’ by President Zik is set to be released by BHP, a prominent creative agency that has been instrumental to the growth of music production and hip hop in Nigeria. In the ever growing hip hop community from Nigeria, ‘See You Soon’ will take its  place as an important piece in the story, telling the narrative from an urban perspective. ‘See You Soon’ will be available on all streaming platforms on the 27th of October, 2023.

President Zik’s music is very personal and reflective and it stands out with its flowy rhythms and meticulous lyrics. The music is sure to connect with the listeners on a deeper level and spark multiple conversations.

President Zik’s consistency and drive is what has set him apart from his peers and this release is set to solidify his position as a pioneer artist in the burgeoning hip hop scene in Nigeria.

President Zik is set to release his fourth solo offering titled ‘See You Soon’. A four track EP, the predominantly hip hop/rap project contains dynamic production and stellar storytelling. President Zik & BHP are well known for their impact on hip hop culture in their environs and this release is another indicator of their consistent involvement in the conversation. ‘See You Soon’ is the first in the series of projects set to be released over the next few months. ‘See You Soon’ will be available on all digital streaming platforms on the 27th of October 2023.

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Originally from Adamawa state, born in Canada, grew up in Zaria/Kaduna and currently operating in the budding Abuja music circuit, President Zik has been a rising name in the Nigerian music scene.

With over a decade of experience to his name, the ever-versatile Zik is an artist with no limits. His first songs and demos saw the light initially in 2010, before releasing an array of mixtapes under the collective/label that he co-founded in 2012 – BHP.

President Zik’s sound is rich and personal; it stands out for its flowy rhythms, meticulous lyrics and precisely layered vocals. President Zik’s music preaches independence, hard work, dedication and originality and his music is very personal and introspective, and as such influences the listener to be reflective as well, all the while straddling the line between hip hop and R&B whilst drawing influence from Afro-genres and current waves.


President Zik
Name: BHP-Ent.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +234 7080472402




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