Feel the Love with Arce & McKinley


Arce & McKinleyArce & McKinley want to make you fall in love tonight. “Get To You” is a lively way to be introduced to a new artist. It has a great, park concert feel. The embrace is warm and perfect for a summer day outside with loved ones. In “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me” an intro that could’ve been used on any show in the 90’s in a montage comes through loud and clear. You can picture the women rollerblading to this one. If not, you were not alive in that decade, but once the vocals come in the times change and that 90’s vibe fades. It’s clear that Arce & McKinley are into the love songs with “I’ll Still Be Lovin’ You” and  the rocking ways of “Who’s Lovin’ You.” So with that, we say that if you’re not only a fan of music that’s about love, but also the kind that could be described like something out of possibly the 70’s, like they may’ve played with the Mamas and Papas as an opener, then you’ll like what Arce & McKinley have going on. (https://soundcloud.com/arcemckinley)