Fiery Rap to Redefine the Underground Sound- Pstubbz801 Astounds All with “Call Em Out Classic 2- Deeds of Dirt”

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Believing that underground music has gone downhill with Ego over the years, Pstubbz801 marks resurgent return with an exhilarating Rap anthem

West Valley, Utah —December 15th, 2023 – In a world saturated with ego-driven underground music, Pstubbz801 steps into the limelight with a mission. His latest anthem series, “Call EM Out Classic,” released on all platforms, serves as a bold statement challenging the status quo of the underground music industry.

A driven singer-songwriter, Pstubbz801 believes that the essence of underground music has eroded over the years, drowned in ego and overshadowed by industry mistakes. His newtrack, part of the “Call Em Out Classic” series, helms a movement for generations to come.

With a release date aligning with Pstubbz801’s vision for change, the single takes a direct aim at the errors plaguing the underground scene. It tackles issues like artists being exploited, paying to play at shows with minimal audience exposure, and the neglect of smaller talents by the industry.

The lyrics of “Deeds Of Dirt” call out specific instances in the Underground Music Industry, shedding light on the exploitation of artists and the shadowy practices that hinder the growth of emerging talents.

Stoner Jordan, an artist associated with D-loc’s (KottonMouth Kings) and Friends Label PTB Records, becomes a focal point in this critique. Pstubbz801 aims to bring attention to these issues without resorting to explicit language, offering a clean yet impactful musical experience.

As the founder and music artist behind SDBG Studios, Pstubbz801’s journey has been one of resilience and reinvention. From being a contracted comedian at Up live, known as Smokey D Bear, to navigating the complexities of the music industry, Pstubbz801’s story is one of redemption. His early foray into rap, under the moniker PumpkinStubbz, took a backseat due to personal struggles, but he returned in 2021 with renewed vigor.

Drawing influence from the likes of icons of Rap such as 2Pac, TechN9ne, Futuristic, Swizzz, Garth Vader, Nicki Minaj, and a departed friend, Pstubbz801 is shaping his legacy. His West Koast Influence LP, currently in progress, promises to be a testament to his artistic evolution. SDBG Studios, now an established LLC, is not just a studio; it’s a hub for change.

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A founder, artist, and Rap maverick- Pstubbz801 emerges from the vibrant landscape of West Valley, Utah, as someone who is not only a rap artist but a revolutionary force challenging the norms of the underground music scene. With a debut single titled “Call EM Out Classic,” released on December 15, 2023, Pstubbz801 delivers a rallying cry against the pitfalls of the industry, backed by a clean beat produced exclusively by Cabu Beats.


Name: P-Stubbz801
Address: 50 W Broadway Suite # 300, West Valley, Utah
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-305-0610




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