For the Love of Zydeco, Zydeco Twins Strike the Right Chords with The release of their Album

For the Love of Zydeco, Zydeco Twins Strike the Right Chords with The release of their Album

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‘The Road 2 Zydeco Extravaganza’ is close to the artists’ roots, from the depths of Louisiana where ‘Crawfish have souls, and the alligator sings the blues’

Mallet, Louisiana— April 7th, 2023 – Double Trouble Zydeco- a talented duo consisting of the stunning identical twins Benjamin and Bervick Guillory is back with their striking album titled, ‘The Road 2 Zydeco Extravaganza.’ Inspired by his love for zydeco, Benjamin began his musical escapades, walking in the halls of his high school carrying his accordion. He remembers his friendss making fun of him but would always reply saying- “I’m going to have my own band one day you just watch and see.”

True to his word, Benjamin’s dreams transpired into a reality. While Zydeco has changed with lots of variety and flavor, the artist taught his twin brother Bervick (who was not sure at first yet also had a true love for zydeco) how to play the accordion the birth of Double Trouble Zydeco.

Double Trouble Zydeco debut album “The Road To Zydeco Extravagaza” released on Memorial Day Weekend with over 3,000 copies sold. This incredible feat was achieved despite having no digital outlets and no major streaming online. Dedicated to the icon Buckwheat Zydeco, the album’s digital release is slated for March 7th, 2023.

Influenced and taught the essentials of the craft by the artistic powerhouse Lil Jeff Boutte, the twins continue to cherish their learning and continue his message. Touching fans around the world with their debut at The Zydeco Extravaganza, the artists recall being backstage and running into Buckwheat Zydeco, who reassured them that they did a great job and advised him to always stay true to their roots, true to themselves, and to always put God first.

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The Double Trouble Zydeco twins were born in 1991 and raised in Mallet, Louisiana in the heart of Zydeco Country. The twins, Benjamin and Bervick Guillory, were both immersed in Creole culture and lifestyle by their father and grandparents. As teenagers, they learned their maternal grandmother Mary Ann Carrier was related to the great Roy Carrier, Dikki du, and Grammy Award winner Chubby Carrier- realizing that they have Zydeco running through their veins!

As young boys, they attended trail rides and were fascinated with the live sounds of Zydeco. In fact, they would sneak into every club that would allow them, just so they could watch and listen to live Zydeco music. At the age of 13, Benjamin knew he had to learn to play the accordion and asked his mother to buy him one for Christmas. At times their mother struggled to make ends meet for her children, and when Benjamin finally had his very own accordion he knew it was the beginning of something great.

Today, the twins continue to enthrall and inspire audiences with their collective prowess. Being a advocate for autism and helping others while conjuring one of the highest energy shows to date in Zydeco, Benjamin and Bervick, with their unparalleled skills and joint talents have become a truly dynamic duo. And the best is yet to come!


Double Trouble Zydeco
Name: Double Trouble Zydeco
Address: P.O. Box 1741, Brandon, Mississippi
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 3379459452




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