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Forever in your Mind 


Forever In Your Mind are produced by Dustin Atlas, Eau Noir and Josh Gudwin (Justin Bieber, Bebe Rexha), and co-written by the band, the songs pair up well, tackling the mysteries of a relationship on the edge. Sporting a serpentine groove and sleek blues riff, “Smooth” dissects the competitive nature of love, while the equally sophisticated “Missing,” with its wailing harmonies, laments a relationship fractured beyond repair (“All that remains is my broken faith”). The two tracks “reflect real emotions everyone feels,” notes Liam. “We wanted to be as real as possible, because we’re writing in a more mature frame of mind.” You can delve back into their other songs after hearing “Smooth” and “Missing” or you can move on. That’s mostly true if boy bands are not for you, but it still can’t be argued that this is a world class act, and two of them actually-even do some acting. These are hugely talented kids who appear to be on a non-stop missing to rule, as they climb above their peers. That is if they have any. But this isn’t their first single, so they’re new to me but I’m probably not their ultimate aimed listener. It doesn’t matter, they have it all for those who like to rock this way. There aren’t many I see out there when surfing the web that can hold a candle to them.

I mean these kids get it so much they’ve even done a cover of KC and The Sunshine Band’s “Shake Your Booty” and it rocks. It is a thing they prove they understand how to modernize without sounding a bit dated and failing the task. So, if you haven’t partaken in them, after hearing the A-sides only single, you’ll have plenty of equally great stuff to find from these boys. It’s a singles world again and that’s one of the things that shouldn’t bother music fans, as there should be as much of them to go around as albums and EPs like there used to. And getting into some of their previous songs will show how they’ve arrived at this level.

“Smooth” kicks off with a softer intro than the song goes onto grow into, but it sets it up right and the rest is gravy as it slithers along with a precision groove. The vocals are only lightly treated, but perfectly tracked together. It’s really a sweet track for all it’s worth. The echo effects are all properly placed and I don’t hear anything but originality all the way. But if I were always kicking to boy bands it might sound like the next. Either way it’s probably as good. The voices are smooth and melodic, as this is singing, not rapping. But it’s still hip hop oriented and that’s not a bad thing, as I listen to my share and so do many. But it isn’t hardcore hip hop, and that is the difference. 

They’re headed on an eight date US tour from New York to Phoenix this summer, and these two tracks could not be surrounded by better company in the rest of their set. If they’re anywhere near as good live, they’re worth catching on this tour. “Missing” has all the right stuff to go with everything they do, as well as its counter-part. Just check the lyrics and you’ll see the similar but different reasons to jam both cuts back to back the way they were meant to play. They do complement each other the way a two-song release should. And I’d recommend the band to anyone. They’re of the primary ilk of their genre.

Elvin Graham  


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