Friday the 13th: A Moving and Touching Dissent Song from Dynamic Band- The World of Mick

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Mickey Wynne’s powerful vocals galore against the backdrop of appealing guitar and instrumentation in this noteworthy new track

Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom — July 19th, 2022—  With his inspiring vocals and instrumentation, The World of Mick draws listeners into a world of honest reflection, protest, and standing up for one’s rights and interests. With captivating guitar use and visceral song writing, the singer-songwriter’s newest release, “Friday the 13th is a thoroughly gripping maneuver.

The moving and soulful track offers audiences a sneak peek from The World of Mick’s upcoming new album, ‘MICK II’ which is set for release on August 19th, 2022. Having already been released digitally on May 13th, the new single displays Mickey Wynne at his finest, presenting listeners an honest and spellbinding perspective from his mind.

The World of Mick manifests the talents and seasoned musical prowess of Mickey Wynne, an eclectic singer-songwriter whose career has taken him across four continents. From working in places as diverse as Karachi, Pakistan alongside award-winning film directors Salman and Usman Peerzada on the play Ad Mans Dream to becoming a house writer for MCA/Uni Records in New York and working as a solo maestro in Mexico, Singapore, Sydney, Hamburg and Nashville, Mickey Wynne has done it all.

The magnetizing artist has continued to accumulate a rare depth of musical experiences along his journey, honing his skill sets. In the UK, Michael holds experience writing with several seasoned DJs including ‘King of Chill’ Chris Coco, charting in the UK with “Only Love”, as well as establishing a writing and production company ‘Bliss’ alongside actors and singers Patrick Bergin and Mick Jackson.

Mickey Wynne’s song writing journey began soon after the birth of his son in 2013, when he began devoting time to writing and playing more classical pieces. In 2015, the artist unveiled an album dedicated to his son titled, ‘Welcome to the World’, which was released for family and friends in a limited capacity.


The World of Mick band are playing live in the UK in July! Stream The World of Mick’s thought-provoking new single, “Friday the 13th” and follow the artist on social media for news on new releases.




Michael Alexander Wynne (known better as Mickey Wynne) was taught guitar by his father at the age of six, but began writing music at the young age of nine.  A gifted solo artist, Mickey Wynne recorded his debut solo album “MICK I” in 2018 under the artistic handle, ‘The World of Mick’. “MICK I” was released in fall 2019 and helped bolster the artist to success. Tracks previewed have received almost unanimously favourable reviews and radio playlisting in the UK and US to date has amassed over two million streams on Spotify.

As a teacher, Mickey  was recently invited to lecture at BIMM (Brighton Institute of Modern Music), and through his musical efforts he has collaborated with and taught several BIMM alumni. Currently, the artist has five MICK I tracks in sync deals with US film and TV companies and is a member of an  exclusive sync music group run by Adam McGinnis called The Billboard 500.

As well as still teaching the occasional student, Mickey  is currently producing new singer songwriters at his recording studio – Harmonia Productions .


The World of MICK
Name: Mickey Wynne
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