From Ambient Post Rock to Lofi Downtempo: Terrestrial Animal Unleashes ‘Ātman Within Us’ Remix

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Wilmington, NC — Diving into a new sonic realm, Terrestrial Animal introduces a captivating remix of their ambient instrumental post rock piece, ‘Ātman Within Us’, by producer and remixer Aleps.BG. Transformed into a mesmerizing Lofi Downtempo version, this rendition unveils a fresh interpretation, blending genres to offer listeners a transcendental musical journey unlike any other.

With Aleps.BG’s remix, Terrestrial Animal appeals to both avid fans and newcomers, showcasing their versatility and innovative prowess in reimagining their original creation. This unique fusion of ambient, post rock, and Lofi Downtempo genres offers a gateway to diverse audiences seeking an immersive musical experience. Available on major streaming platforms starting December 19th, ‘Ātman Within Us (Transcendental Bliss Remix)’ invites listeners worldwide to embark on a sonic exploration, promising a blend of tranquility and rhythmic allure unlike anything before.

Producer and remixer Aleps.BG’s innovative take on ‘Ātman Within Us’ has garnered enthusiastic praise from both fans and music critics alike. As one fan expressed, ‘The remix transcends boundaries, weaving a tapestry of emotions that resonate deeply.’ With this release, Terrestrial Animal reaffirms their commitment to pushing musical boundaries, aiming to create an otherworldly experience for their audience.

The remix of ‘Ātman Within Us’ by Terrestrial Animal marks a strategic collaboration with renowned Lofi Downtempo producer Aleps.BG, infusing the track with a unique blend of atmospheric soundscapes and laid-back beats. This release comes as part of the band’s ongoing commitment to experiment with diverse musical styles, enriching their discography and captivating audiences with each sonic evolution.

Terrestrial Animal unveils a captivating transformation of their ambient instrumental post rock hit, ‘Ātman Within Us,’ with the release of a mesmerizing Lofi Downtempo remix. Showcasing their musical versatility, this remix represents a fusion of genres, offering listeners a transcendental journey through captivating melodies and rhythmic innovation. Available on major streaming platforms starting December 19th, this collaboration presents a fresh, boundary-pushing exploration for fans and newcomers alike.

Experience the transcendental fusion of ‘Ātman Within Us (Transcendental Bliss Remix)’ by Terrestrial Animal, available for streaming on major platforms:




Terrestrial Animal is an innovative musical collective known for their genre-defying compositions that seamlessly blend ambient, post rock, and experimental sounds. Their evocative melodies and intricate sonic landscapes transport audiences on mesmerizing journeys through emotive soundscapes. With a commitment to pushing musical boundaries, Terrestrial Animal continues to captivate listeners worldwide. Explore more of their captivating works at


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