From CPS to chasing resiliency

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Sacramento, California — Toxxiic has been making music since a very young age. Toxxiic stays resilient and consistent with his music. Toxxiic always tell his friends to keep stomping. Toxxiic has made it out of group homes, living on his own, and producing, mixing, and, mastereting all on his own .

Toxxiic makes music for the broken, the Lost, and the people who feel they are alone in this world. Toxxiic spends countless hours staying up late just perfecting his craft. from living in the system, traveling from group home to group home, Toxxiic felt like he never had a home. Toxxiic started making beats and songs on his phone because he couldn’t afford a studio set up at the time he started.

  1. ”These new songs releasing are very beautiful”. Toxxiic says; as we ask him what he will be doing moving forward.”working on my craft, changing up my style, not sounding like others.” Toxxiic replies, smirk on his face.”I love my music, it keeps me alive and mentally well.”

Toxxiic now has a in home studio set up, which he is still working on to this day. Toxxiic prefers to keep his brothers motivated,and energized with his captivating and innovative beats and songs. Toxxiic has been making beats and rapping over them since last year, and the quality of toxxiic’s music is getting better and better every day.

Toxxiic has been dropping songs back to back with almost 32 singles and counting! And five albums released, Toxxiic may already have dropped a song right now. Consistency is key for Toxxiic and you can very much see it in his work ethic. So take a listen and enjoy the man, the Martian, the resilient, Toxxiic

  1. Check out the new song here: (written and produced by Toxxiic)




Toxxiic makes, phonk, trap, and, ambient music. With alien syths and trappy drums, Toxxiic’s music can be related to: HAARPER, Freddie dredd, $uicideboys, fettywap, Cochise, Xavier wulf, trippie redd. Toxxiic never limits himself to one genre, Toxxiic has experimented with rock, RNB, alternative hip-hop, and so much more.


Name: Dontay T MOUTON
Address: 5443 collage oak drive, Sacramento, California
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 9162207739




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