From Energetic Hard Rock to Experimental Progressive Rhythms: Talented Powerhouse Steve Schlatman Stuns Listeners

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A creative mastermind, Steve Schlatman promises a vibrant and stirring soundscape for listeners of Rock music, sending ripples within the musical world

NYC, New York — March 1st , 2022 – Bringing new shades of creativity and ingenuity, while also staying rooted within classical Rock tunes and rhythms, Steve Schlatman’s music is a treat for fans. The experienced and seasoned icon has had a string of releases, each uniquely different and yet exuding a characteristic vibe that sets him apart from other budding artists.

Steve’s experimental releases have been featured in several film and television soundtracks, and he has also showcased his brilliance on a number of video games. The dynamic composer and multi-Instrumentalist has been consistently releasing new songs throughout the years, with something for everyone, delivered seamlessly.

Be it his single, “When Darkness Falls”, or the streaming hit- “Never Give Up”, Steve brings with his music a sense of positivity and optimism that is hard to find in most rising acts of today. The seasoned powerhouse presents fans with a range of emotions and sentiments, instilling positivity and optimism with each new release.

Steve’s music presents listeners with both heartfelt love songs melded within operatic instrumentals, and a bit of hard metal edge tracks. His roster includes everything from high-octane motivational tracks to mellow Holiday songs. Fueled by never giving up on his life-long dream of finding a home for his music in a movie, Steve Schlatman keeps soaring to new heights.

Inspired by the progressive experimentation from the 70s and 80s music as it transitioned to metal tambours and electronic synth sounds to Symphonic metal. These song are available on all the major Music Streaming sites

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An eclectic composer, recording artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Steve Schlatman is a formidable name within the world of Rock. From bending diverse styles of Rock music to immersing listeners within rich and relatable realms of his life’s experiences, The talented artist believes that inspiration can strike at any time whether one is happy or sad music always has your back. A promising and talented producer and recording artist, Steve Schlatman has been creating music for over 30 years.

Sitting down at a grand piano or with an acoustic guitar and allowing it to speak can lead to a whole new world of music. Always being creative and experimenting with music can lead to aggressive songs such as “Crusade of Knight”, “Never Give Up” and beautiful songs such as “Just One Look” and “Where You Belong”.


Steve Schlatman
Name: Steve Schlatman
Email: [email protected]


Reverbnation: http://Reverbnation/steveschlatman


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