From Sweden With Love and a ”Dry Martini” for Old Times’ Sake!

From Sweden With Love and a ”Dry Martini” for Old Times’ Sake!

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Janusmusic has returned to the music industry to bring back the charm of music from years gone by.

Leksand, Dalarna, Sweden – Janus has flown around the world in a plane and was once a popstar in Japan. Then he got lost in the academic world, with drawers filled with music unheard. Now Janus is back and a magic song, invited him to come along. ”Dry Martini” in time will be ever so green, descended to earth from places unseen.

This is how the story goes: Waiting for a boring meeting, someone gave Janus an article about dry martini. Still fascinated by the story he went into the assembly-room. But his thoughts were in a different universe. There he heard a song from a magic muse! Her voice sounded like an angel. Janus was able to push the repeat button and listen to the song over and over again. Having memorized the melody and to some extent the harmonies, he excused himself and went back home to the piano.

To Janus’ great luck he knew a legendary Swedish musician, Nils Lindberg, who once collaborated with Duke Ellington. Nils loved the song, wrote the sheet music and later recorded ”Dry Martini”. His recording comes very close to what Janus originally heard! Janus also has another recording with lyrics.
He doesn’t take credit for the music, he was just a receptive listener to music from an enchanting world.

His song “Dry Martini” has stood the test of time and is now available to stream on all major platforms! Along with “Dry Martini,” you can listen to songs like “Stardust” on platforms like Spotify. To know more about Janus himself, you can check out his website!





Jan Öhman, aka Janus, is a Swedish artist once signed by an English label. Now he’s a retired math teacher, returning to the music industry to put out songs that has been gathering dust. (Had it only been star dust!) Janus is hanging on to an adult alternative version of the American dream! ”Dry Martini” will get wings and fly around the world. Just like he once did in the good old days!


Jan Öhman
[email protected]
Sjöåkersvägen 42
Leksand, Select 79333




Spotify: ”As we are, Dry Martini”

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