From the streets to Serendipity – local singer, Rudi The Outsider, releases stirring debut!

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa — Serendipity means finding something good without looking for it. While it wasn’t unexpected good luck that led to the release of singer-songwriter RudiTheOutsider’s debut single, the recognition of his talent is certainly fortuitous.

The track, titled SERENDIPITY, is about unexpected and unanticipated love – about fate bringing soulmates together against all odds.

According to Rudi, the song was inspired by his wife and long-time muse, Lezaan, whom he recently officially married.

“This song is about my utter disbelief at the outcome of my life,” says the singer, who has faced overwhelming obstacles in his life. “I still can’t believe how lucky I am, after all I have done and all that has happened to me, to have found this wonderful person to share the rest of my life with.”

Rudi believes that the single, which was written to mark the couple’s 10-year anniversary, will resonate with listeners as it is a positive, feel-good track. “I hope that people will find motivation in the song,” he says. “It isn’t a one-dimensional, sugarcoated, happily ever after love song. It expresses the uncertainty and self-doubt that accompany being in love, which is something I believe listeners will identify with.”


Although Rudi has written and performed many original songs – he has spent the past ten years playing on the streets – he has never had the opportunity to have any of his songs professionally recorded until very recently. He believes that having a dream can alter any person’s life as it can push them towards a better future. His own life bears testament to this.

The singer-songwriter was born in Waterval-Boven and after a turbulent childhood, homeless at the age of fourteen. Forced to fend for himself on the streets, he turned to petty crime to survive. Because he lived on the streets from an early age, Rudi struggled with substance abuse and was admitted to rehab for six months at the age of 34. Shortly thereafter he met Lezaan. Together, they still practice meditation and self-love on a daily basis.

Rudi’s unique nom de guerre – RudiTheOutsider – is shaped by his history and the fact that he has always felt like an outsider among his own people. But he isn’t bitter about his past. In fact, his motto is Amor Fati, which means ‘love of one’s fate’, or accepting that everything that happens in life, including pain and suffering, is necessary.

The singer, who now lives in Pretoria with his wife and two children, passionately believes that it is his perseverance through hardship that has opened doors for him. Despite the odds, he has discovered himself, his identity, and his abilities, and is more determined than ever to achieve his aspirations.

“The challenges that once seemed insurmountable, no longer do. In fact, they paved the way for a better future,” says the artist. “I want to use my music to convey my battles and how I overcame them to prove to people that it is possible. I want my music to uplift and inspire people, so that their dreams can also come to fruition one day.”

Following the release of SERENDIPITY, Rudi plans to perform as many gigs as possible, culminating in a tour at the end of the year. He also intends to release a few more singles and hints that the release of his first album is on the cards.

Through SERENDIPITY, he is sure to secure a steady following on his road to success.


The single is available for download. Listen to it here:




RudiTheOutsider is an upcoming singer and songwriter who breaks the chains of conformity with original songs that don’t fit into stereotypical categories.

From being abandoned and homeless at a youthful age and having to find methods to live at any cost, to discovering his abilities, discovering himself, learning to love himself and paving his way to a better future. Rudi has done it. The challenges that seemed insurmountable no longer do.
He uses his music to convey the tale of these occurrences and how he overcame them to get to where he is now. Bringing his music to soulful music fans all around the world with the hope to lift people out of it or to inspire them, so that their dreams also come to fruition one day.


Name: Rudi Kok
Address: 68 Skool Street, 109 Monterama, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +27719177521




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