Fusing Electronic music, Funk, and Pop with finesse: Presenting to the world Gogo Vagena.

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Through her compelling and unparalleled Funk and Pop compositions, Gogo Vagena is well on her way to take over the scene of Electronic music in the near future.

Athens, Attica, Greece – (press release date) – artist Gogo Vagena is an emerging talent in the music industry. She has great expertise in the genres of Funk, Pop, and Electronic music. Her brand new single titled “Don’t Stop” is set to be released on June 26th, 2021. With the release of this song, the young artist is looking forward to get her talent out there for the public to admire and appreciate.

Heavily dominated by themes of bravery and empowerment, the single “Don’t Stop” is a one of its kind song. Gogo Vagena worked on the lyrics of the song along with her friend Avet Kizirian. The music was written by Avet Kizirian alone, along with the entire production process. He carried out the process of mixing, arrangements, and the general engineering of the song in his studio in Athens, Greece. Both of them, as close friends and musical peers, worked together on the song with their entire hearts and souls. They are both based in Greece, and their passion for music and creativity is what keeps them close and united. The immense amount of love they both have for music individually plays its part in being the glue that holds their very old and strong friendship together.

With the release of the single, up-and-coming artist Gogo Vagena is hoping to put forth her incredible musical skills and dominate the hearts of music lovers, especially the ones who take a keen interest in the genres of Funk and Pop. Rich in Jazz vocal parts, the song’s defining characteristic is its unique Jazz Funk house melody. The main genre in play is soulful smooth beat house, with themes related to hardships of life and how people tend to overcome them. With tunes so rich and melodies so enlivening, “Don’t Stop” is bound to win over the hearts of fans of Pop and Electronic music around the world.

Filled with themes of never giving up, Gogo Vagena is set on motivating the listeners to continue battling their hardships and pursuing whatever they’ve set their goals to be. The song, as evident by the title, encourages the fans to keep chasing their desires despite the path being full of bumps and obstacles.

Along with her friend Avet Kizirian, emerging artist Gogo Vagena is looking forward to continuing her journey as a musician. She hopes to grow and strengthen immensely as an artist, motivating others along her journey to success.





Budding artist Gogo Vagena is a singer and songwriter based in Greece. She’s coming out with a new single titled “Don’t Stop” by the end of this month, on which she has worked along with her close friend Avet Kizirian.
Gogo Vagena draws her inspiration from several industry artists belonging to the Pop and Funk genres. She has always dreamt of making it big as a musician and is not willing to stop until she reaches her goal. She defines herself as a grown-up kid – both mature and immature at times.



Name: Gogo Vagena
Email: [email protected]




YouTube https://youtube.com/channel/UCwcmBu6ZDN75z35sQu6UL3g
Facebook https://el-gr.facebook.com/vagena.gogo/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/gogovagena/

Twitter https://twitter.com/gogovagena?lang=el
LastFM https://www.last.fm/search?q=Gogo+Vagena
SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/Dj8GjNZTmjHVHi1x8
Reverbnation https://www.reverbnation.com/gogovagena
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/gogo-vagena-803145aa
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/5iela1X1oLt7oN0EWiYFRg?si=c8PLUZNvRA-q_Rax1MzfPw

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