Get Over Your Blues with Rusted Rain


Rusted Rain ReviewRusted Rain is made up of four individuals who come together to make music that makes you feel the blues and battle the elements. “Mean What You Say” has this very ’60s, free love feel to the music while the vocals kind of sit on a line that’s somewhere between Country and Fleetwood Mac. Something I wish I had was “Rich Bitch Blues;” anything involving rich actually. As for the song we stop straddling that Country line and have a more classic rock feel to it. We continue on with the blues as we groove into “Empty House Blues.” The other one was more upbeat while this one follows a very standard Blues track of mind. The elements start to stack up with “The Winds” and “Storm” as we ride those out into a very cool one, “Evil Baby.” The vocals here and the musicianship are stellar, the best of the batch from Rusted Rain. If you’re a fan of bands like Fleetwood and the Eagles, check out what Rusted Rain has in store. (