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Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria

”As simple as it sounds, “I Know I Can”  gives a clear message of hope to all who feel discouraged  in their journey to achieve their goals. The instrumentals were created with dexterity for all to sing along to keep  hope alive especially through challenging times. 

Live is a journey and often spiced with challenging times and triumphing times. According to Frankiln D. Roosevelt,”The only limit to our realization of tomorrow is our doubts of today.” “I Know I Can” is a personal affirmation of confidence and its music, a soothing companion to keep one going through hard times.

Success is easer when one looks up to another who had been through similar situations and prevailed. The lyrics speaks more about this:

“I know I Can

And Will Succeed

As my eyes look up to You….”

As the rhythms of  ”I Know I Can” flows with its jazzy improvisations keeps resounding within, there would be no room for negative thought patterns of self doubt. With such a disposition of continual renewed strength and  self confidence, one could face any situation and triumph.

Believing in oneself is paramount to achieving success as well as surrounding oneself with motivational affirmations such as ” I Know I Can”.

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PraiseGod Music’s desire is to provide an inspiring musical stream and expression, embellished in variety for the pleasure of humanity and divinity. With the synergy of  different music Producers, Musicians etc, a peculiar variety in music is being created.


PraiseGod Music
Name: Uno Ogarekpe
Address: 15x Asikima Street, Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria
Email: [email protected]




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