Ghxst is ready for the Hollywood music scene.

Ghxst is ready for the Hollywood music scene.

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Newark, NJ — Ghxst is manifesting his Music career one note at a time. With his driven skills and Midas ear there’s no comparing him to anyone. That’s what makes him super unique in his field.

The way Ghxst blends musical fusions by creating original compositions and collaborations is genius.

He’s been under the radar submitting to major labels, tv, animation, landing placements within the music industry and communities.

“Music is the major key thats heals your soul and steals your heart”-Ghxst

He’s been inspired by many great artist, musicians, engineers, and pays tribute to them. Giving them their flowers whilst educating the youth about the cultural roots of Music.

If anyone would like to learn more about Ghxst journey feel free to reach out.



Ghxst loves creating Music and is currently looking for production roles in the Entertainment Industry. To produce and engineer Film Scores, Gaming Music, TV/Commercial Music, Voice Actor, Song writing, and Directing.


Name: Ghxst
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 9732598770




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Sharing is caring! Support Indie Musicians!

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