Go Time release “Ratsel”


Go Time release “Ratsel”

Official URL: http://www.gotimeband.com/

Go Time are: Scott Niekelski (composer/lead guitar/vocals), Marko Marketti (bass) and Steve Grzenia (percussion). They just released their latest CD “Ratsel” in 2014 (Sound Bypsy records). These latest group of songs are sure to one day be remembered as one of the classic modern rock band of our time. It’s pure adrenalized Rock the way it used to be via full-tilt playing and hooky soulful grooves. The ultimate in musical intoxication.

GO TIME! officially formed when Prairie Town disbanded after a two-decade run. Niekelski, Marketti and Grzenia decided to re-direct the ship and voyage off into uncharted waters.

After a year-long search for a guitarist to complement Scott’s style, Paul Schmidt climbed aboard with GO TIME! Schmidt’s professional music career dates back to the late 90s, launching with Central Illinois band, The Cromulents, in which he was both a guitarist and drummer. Paul switched to full-time guitar duties in 2000 when he formed One Million Monkeys. He worked on several other projects through 2004 when he decided to take a break from music. In August of 2008, he answered an online ad for a band seeking an experienced guitarist…and the rest is history.

Go Time will take you back to a better time, a time when distorted guitar actually existed in music. “Ratsel” opens with “The Secrets” and “Destroy In Field” 2 grand slam numbers with loud guitar, drums, bass, and solid vocals to boot! “Tailspin” and “Taking the Blame” really sealed the deal for me. A few of these tracks are perfect for a club full of broken hearts. The 5th and final track “Life’s Wide Array” lets it all hang out with catchy vibe full of intrigue, power and burning life embers. One thing that impressed me about this album is the vibe, almost as if you are watching a band play live. There is a “hot to touch” ambience that really sucks in the listener into their world of rebelliousness. The instrumentation and tones give you that genuine feel of good music from generations ago. These 4 have a good live set as well. Go Time are a hot, marketable and strong Chicago band. Niekelski is the lead on vocals and invokes bands like Louis XIV, The Dirtbombs and The Detroit Cobras. In many ways Niekelski is the strong card – who when combined capture the adventurous spirit of this music works extremely well. This will ring true not only for old listeners but new ones as well. He’s a good rhythm and solo guitarist.

Top Tracks are as follows: “The Secrets”, “Demand”, “Timebomb”, “Risks Reside”, “Falling Thru” and “Under the Weight”

“Ratsel” wraps up a well-rounded colossal 19 track set from go time providing an interesting cross section of classic Psychedelic Alt Rock popular 10+ years ago – but still fresh and alive. How is this possible? Only a ‘Shooting Star” persona can pull it off and Go Time is like a shooting star. Music like this is sorely missing from the 2014 repertoire. Go Time fill this musical void, they can hold their own against any hot running youthful bands out there right now.

I-TUNES: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewArtist?id=316867966&ign-mpt=uo=6

– Christina Bassett. Approved by Cyrus Rhodes.