God Hates Rappers.

God Hates Rappers.

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Russellville, Arkansas — Monday, October 28th, 2019 — Patient Zer0, an artist from a small town in Arkansas, has a dream of changing the rap game. He makes music based on real things that are taking place in his life or those around him. His goal is to transform how society views rap artists.

Born and raised in a town that doesn’t focus on hip-hop music, Patient Zer0 looks to make a difference and be heard in any way he can. He puts his music out on all streaming platforms including YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music to give his audience the easiest access to his art.

“My goal in music is to touch people like other artists have touched me. I’m building from the ground up to make a name for myself and my craft,” says Patient Zer0 regarding his passion for music. Joseph Smith, a longtime fan of the artist, says that Patient Zer0 is, “extremely talented, unlike anyone else out there.”

Patient Zer0 is currently working on his second studio album, “God Hates Rappers.” His forthcoming album focuses on the stigma that rappers get from society and religion. He wants to show his deeper desire of changing how religion places a shadowed cloak on rappers speaking on important matters.

Through his music, his personality and his dedication to his craft, Patient Zer0 is looking to change the world one note at a time. His love for music is what keeps him driven to create original, passionate pieces.

To learn more about Patient Zer0 as an artist and a person, contact him via Twitter. Follow him or DM him with any questions: @PZer0Music





Patient Zer0 has been writing his own music since 2016. With the release of a mixtape, an EP, an album and three singles, Patient Zer0 has been very active in his music career. He doesn’t rap about the typical money, cars, and drugs; he raps about things that really matter to him and what he feels is important to others.



Patient Zer0
808 Sandstone Circle Apt 4, Russellville, AR, 72802

Source: ArtistPR Press Release

Sharing is caring! Support Indie Musicians!

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