Going to the Sun


Going to the Sun

URL: http://www.goingtothesunmusic.com/

Going To The Sun are an alternative pop rock band from Minneapolis, MN featuring David Young (vocals, guitar, bass, keys, mando, dobro, percussion, programming)  Zach Young (drums, percussion, vocals) Joined by: Ian Allison (bass on 2, 4, 5, and 6) Ken Wilson (dobro on 3) Amber Young (vocals on 1, 5, and 9) Dorothy Browder (vocals on 9) and Alec Young (vocals on 9), with music and are words written by David Young, as well as head production duties.

Recorded at Home Sweet Home and Sacajawea studios, with Album art & design by Dustin Mulcahy, cover photo by Steve Haynes, and inside photo by Jason Thompson. These credits are important because the sleeve is particularly striking on their self-titled release which hit in June, 2014, so it deserves a mention. The CD kicks off well with New Year, focusing on everything being now, and setting the attitude up to follow, which gets only briefly mellow on Alone In The Same Room, with it’s fun loving chorus and occasional bursts of wild energy, with an underlying mood that comes to life toward the end. There is some great aspects to this song which make it a pleasant experience in the vocal department. Next up is Halway Around The World, with a beautiful acoustic guitar that drives it like a sailing vessel with a narrative feel. This does change the pace early on, but it’s not a bad one. On Go Separate, things slow down for what seems to be the big ballad and by the end of it you’re left wondering how they will follow it, answering back with the playful All Hearts Keeping On to bring the tempo back up somewhat. This is the point where the songs start to gel, and the record becomes undeniably enjoyable, as here we really have a great title to work with. Out Of The Night is another stand out piece as well, a rhythm not held on the previous tracks, and a nice touch. The rest is more of the same standard described, with perhaps less to mention concerning their highs and lows. The music on this release is mellow and heartfelt, not overly dynamic but nothing over the top arrangement wise it’s more of a lyrically deep CD with an emphasis on vocals, but they’re evenly mixed for an overall good sound for those who like easy listening pop with a singer/songwriter feel. If that’s your thing, they succeed and then some.

This is a very light hearted CD with good songs and some excellent vocals, especially on the final track Autumn Turning Over, as it is one of the best tracks on offer, oddly enough. But it helps the whole thing along and makes you want to listen again to this collection of cool sleepers that managed to win me over.

BANDCAMP: http://goingtothesun.bandcamp.com

– Larry Toering

Score: 7/10