Gordy Hunt brings back the glory days

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NEWSFLASH: Michigan based Gordy Hunt just released his latest album entitled (Seniority)

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Rating 8/10

The Review: Michigan based Singer/Songwriter Gordy Hunt just released his senior effort entitled (Seniority) in 2015. Right from the start I see Hunt as a musical visionary who wrote this entire score and also played instruments on the project. The album’s rocking songs brings back great memories when Steve Miller Band, Eric Clapton and Bruce Springsteen filled the airwaves. Other pieces are tranquil intensified by wistful lyrics and a “let it all hang out” approach to songwriting. It though this chaotic and dynamic world Hunt finds a path to lead us through. As a listener I can hear conversations between the conscience and the subconscious, never combative, at other times resigned. To me the album feels like a slow, groovy dream, where you never know what to expect round the next bend. When you wake up, you’re not quite sure of exactly what just happened.’ The closest I could place it would a cross between Cric Clapton and Bruce Springsteen. Other Musical comparables: Kris Allen, Ed Sheeran, A Great Big World and Casey Abrams. During my research I discovered he has received a number of favorable reviews over the last several weeks.

“Seniority” starts off with amazing “Looking Forward to Your Love” an upbeat prelude of sorts with dynamic vocals via an up close and personal musical approach. Right away you are introduced to the back seat baritone of Hunt. This is the perfect setting for a hungry and disgruntled Alternative Rock audience as Hunt really makes the connection. It’s obvious this music has Alternative Pop roots and will remind you of Jonathan Coulton or Mike Doughty. It’s to cool to be considered Singer/Songwriter. As the album slowly unfolds you will notice a strong vocal foundation, painted against a melodic backdrop of sound and touches of guitar, plucked keyboard melodies and some entertaining drum/bass backbone. All of this layered instrumentation really hits home. The well placed background vocals against the full complement of 14 Tracks total. It’s a very powerful sounding CD. On tracks like the title track, Ice Cream Headache, September 10th and Out of Love with you one will hear flawless musical transitions and impressive choral finales that will bring you back to the all too familiar Old School Pop Rock territory poplar in the 1970’s. Hunt fits into this style of music perfectly as he demonstrates remarkable power and vocal control despite a somewhat dated sound. He also demonstrates great depth as a writer. As I listened to these songs over and over again, I noticed how fluid all the arrangements were. Some songs will lift you high and others to the lows of the emotional spectrum. I can tell Hunt is a wise storyteller and knows a lot about life in general based on this signwriting death.

All songs flow so nicely from one moment to the next. Kudos to the amazing lyrical content on all track. The vocals, guitar, and copious musical accents from all involved really mesh well together.

The Bottom Line: Seniority by Gordy Hunt will work best when you want a passionate old school rock catalogue to delicately slip into your soul. All songs could easily be converted into an unplugged type setting. For me – this album rounds out an exceptional 14 Track CD and is delivered to us by a driven and very talented writer: one Gordy Hunt who definitely has honed his craft over the years.

Will Johnson

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