Gordy Hunt – Seniority


Gordy Hunt – Seniority

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4.5/5 Stars

Bio: Seniority album for sale by Gordy Hunt was released Aug 01, 2015 on the Audio & Video Labs, Inc. label. Veteran musician, singer and songwriter, Gordy Hunt, returns to the label where it all began in 1982′ with a brand new record entitled Seniority! The new record brings the listener up to speed on where he gas been, where he is now and points the arrow to show us where he is going with 12 new tracks of original music about life, love and experience. By the end of the record, there will be know doubt, Gordy has earned his seniority as an artist and a musician! As a bonus there are two tracks added from very early in Gordy’s career that set the tone for his musical journey that was yet to come! Seniority CD music contains a single disc with 14 songs.

The songwriting on ”Seniority” aims to promote more positive messages than is common in rock these days while not holding back emotionally of spiritually thus reducing the songs to a sanitized version. Within these funny-deep lyrics from Hunt I get the impression he could reach out to multitudes with great meaning. The lyrics and carefree vibe music touched me and were written for that listener that may be going through a sort of soul’s journey. To the right and left of him evil – yet ho forges his path through the darkness. This is how I visualized the album. Every song also has a different dynamic, which helps it all from sounding repetitive. It’s also filled with powerful synergy and topics that are relatable – poking sarcastic fun and trying to stay upbeat about life’s challenges. Track 1 “Looking Forward to Your Love” and the “Lady in the Lenz” is a real attention grabber and spiritual wake up call. Hunt is a rock solid vocalist, musician and arranger. While being emotional he pulls out all the stops backed up with the rock solid musicianship, impressive writing skills. Above all you can hear the strong emotion vocal front as he takes on these at times powerful messages head on. My top 3 tracks are the title track, “Ice Cream Heartache” and “Love Circus.” I could be wrong but “Seniority” is testament to strong will power, strength, courage and having a strong resolve – but laughing at life as well. Indeed many of these traits are possessed by many people along the east coast and many of these traits are needed by many people around the world. Music reminded me of Mudcrutch, Nick Lowe, The Replacements, Graham Parker and at times even The Barenaked Ladies to Paul MaCartney and even Eric Clapton.

Some listeners want to experience music that is quirky, angry, eccentric, thoughtful boastful, loud, reckless, destructive, shallow, indulgent whatever. To me this reflects the culture. The music of Gordy Hunt takes music a step further. Its obvious Hunt knows a lot about life as a casual observer. He no doubt has many life experiences good and bad to bring to the table as a songwriter, producer. This greatly enhances the depth of listening experience for me personally – songs with substance. It’s a real breath of fresh air to hear messages that have more substance than what is presently on my radio.

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Keith Michaelson