Hard-Hitting and Empowering Heavy Metal Fusions: Presenting to the World Heavy Metal Patriot

Hard-Hitting and Empowering Heavy Metal Fusions: Presenting to the World Heavy Metal Patriot

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Adamant to revolutionize the musical scene with his unique and electrifying musical compositions, Heavy Metal Patriot continues to inspire and motivate listeners of his music with a fresh debut album.

Merced, CA – April 5th 2021 – Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Heavy Metal Patriot is solidifying his spot as the finest new addition to Hard Rock and Metal, with his stunning and iconic musical tracks. The budding artist and singer wishes to use his strong vocals and skillful songwriting to ultimately produce a charged and vociferous combination which is both deadly and inspiring.

Convinced that the current political landscape of the United States remains rigged with problems and turmoil, the up-and-coming singer is using all his best shots and musical talents to highlight crucial issues. With his fresh and iconic new single aptly titled “Indoctrinated and Brainwashed”, the growing artist sheds light on what he believes are the issues that plague modern status quo. Set against loud and electric metal beats, Heavy Metal Patriot uses his vocal prowess to condense and create a fiery and charged narrative.

Hard core and hard-hitting, the new single is a testament to the artist’s passion for music, which he believes is his calling and way to inspire and alert people. Using Metal and hip Hard Rock musical compositions as a channel to convey his feelings of patriotism and love for the soil he was born in. The single “Indoctrinated and Brainwashed” is only a piece of the larger puzzle that the budding singer is putting out for his fans.

Releasing on March 17th 2021, his new album, produced by partner and talented musician Justin Collins will showcase the full brilliance of Heavy Metal Patriot, as well as highlight all the different flavors of music he can conjure. The new album is an independently created and produced endeavor, which marks Heavy Metal Patriot’s solo run, and features Justin Collins on guitar and bass. With this new release, the budding artist is wishing that people will be able to question their own biases, research and be inspired by freedom, just like the artist believes he is.




An up-and-coming singer and songwriter, Heavy Metal Patriot is a 35-year-old musician wishing to bring back Heavy Metal and Hard-Core music back to its high-spirited self. Crafting wonderful and exciting tracks that are underlined by a key issue, the proud American Patriot is looking forward to inspiring people and helping them understand the world better.

With his new solo project, the artist is putting himself out there, charged and armed with the strength of stunning vocals and fiery instrumentation, including some electric bass usage. The singer has been a part of various bands in his musical journey and is now looking forward to using his powerful platform to help people around him. The young singer and artist is now looking forward to establishing a strong fan base and solidifying his identity as a strong force to be reckoned with in the world of Heavy Metal.




Name: Heavy Metal Patriot
Email: [email protected]




Website https://hearnow.com/settings/amalb02378543#nt_musiclinks
YouTube https://youtu.be/lywPeqSFEtc

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