Heartfelt and Moving Thematic Narratives for the Soul: Frank Princiotta Magnetizes with Heart Rock Music

Heartfelt and Moving Thematic Narratives for the Soul: Frank Princiotta Magnetizes with Heart Rock Music

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Shedding light on an array of themes and stories, dynamic singer-songwriter Frank Princiotta offers 150 original songs with a heart and a distinct Rock beat

Chapel Hill, North Carolina — January 30th , 2022 – A unique new face of music, Heart Rock is talented singer-songwriter Frank Princiotta’s brainchild. An artistic creation which stems from the artist’s mantras and driving objectives, the new brand of music channels a diverse collection of thematic portrayals.

‘Heart Rock’ represents a roster of never heard before, original and enthralling tracks that the artist has independently curated. Utilizing the power of music to highlight important themes such as values, family, friends, the environment, aging, evil and war, Heart Rock is bound to touch hearts, minds and souls.

The upgraded, new music website containing 150 original songs available for free download with the theme of Heart Rock pay testament to Frank Princiotta’s formidable talents and ethos. Songs with a heart, and a prominent rock beat, the new release uses powerful lyrics to ask tough questions about a range of realities: planet earth, friends, family, war, aging, values, evil, tragedy, historical events, goodbyes, and death.

Heart Rock is the name of two sets of music compilations: the 7 CD Albums & the eleven Theme Albums, both of which are tagged and present on the artist’s official website. The songs, lyrics and melodies, were written and performed by Frank Princiotta. Poignant, expressive, and inspiring, all the songs have been written and recorded over a 50 year period.

Frank Princiotta’s new project is the product of seeds first sown by his debut song, “The Tears Flowed Wide World Round”, which was based on the JFK assassination. The CD albums are compilations of selected songs released over the last 15 years, with broad themes most related to the unending flow of time.

Most prominent is the last CD on the artist’s list which is centered around the theme of the environment. ‘When Will We Learn?’ asks the artist showcasing his brilliance with a string of songs dedicated to Mother Earth.

Visit http://www.heartrockmusic.com/index.html and dig into some of the best and most thoughtful music you never heard before from Frank Princiotta. Provide feedback to the author: [email protected], and contact him for interviews, reviews and collaboration opportunities.




Frank Princiotta is a seasoned, retired chemical engineer who directed an environmental research program for the United States EPA. Becoming the face of what he calls Heart Rock, the powerhouse has written a collection of over 150 songs, penned down and sung over a 50 year period. He is responsible for all aspects of this collection including arrangements, instrument selection, mixing and recording.

An eclectic talent, Princiotta believes that an artist can best control the quality of his art by controlling the total production process. He was aided in this effort by a state of the art computer based hardware and software in his own home studio. The songs are copyrighted but have not been published. He has performed many of these songs in open house venues and enjoys discussing the songs before he performs them.


Heart Rock Music by Frank Princiotta
Name: Heart Rock Music by Frank Princiotta
Email: [email protected]


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fprinciotta
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