Heralding a Sonic Revolution with Maddening, Glorious Dance Music- Till Sunday Pirate Present “A New Civilization”

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A mercurial, enriching, and striking blend of dance grooves, spoken word delivery, and carnival-style electronic rhythms, Till Sunday Pirate mesmerize all

Porto, Porto, Portugal —December 29th, 2023 – Till Sunday Pirate’s newest release presents an enriching and inventive mix, reflecting a kaleidoscope of emotions through their unique lens. An exhilarating new single, “The New Civilization,” is a magnetic fusion, featuring traditional Portuguese instruments to lose yourself to.

“The New Civilization” features Renato Oliveira, leading the charge with Till Sunday Pirate, inking a significant moment in the world of music. This trailblazing video single, scheduled for January 12th, 2024, underlines Oliveira’s dedication to pushing artistic boundaries and transcending musical norms.

“The New Civilization” goes beyond being just a song; it carries a powerful message of unity, diversity, and collaboration. The track’s lyrics reverberate with themes of a new era, where people unite, celebrate their differences, and discover their unique truths.

Urging listeners to dream bigger and brighter, the new anthem exudes feelings of happiness, harmony, and the power of new beginnings. An attempt to foster a sense of belonging and unity, the track resonates with warmth, both within and around us, providing a soundtrack for those who dare to dream.

However, “The New Civilization” stands out mainly due to its brilliant composition style. In the world where conventional boundaries are challenged, this song defies musical norms and forms an exhilarating blend of frantic dance grooves, spoken word and rap-infused carnival-style vocals.

The result is an extraordinary masterpiece, a joyous adventure that promises a sonic journey like no other. The creative process behind this track was nothing short of exhilarating, with the vision for “The New Civilization” emerging from a deep desire for a world marked by unity, diversity, and collaboration.

Renato Oliveira and his team embarked on a whirlwind of creativity, combining the traditional sounds of Australian instruments such as the mesmerizing “didgeridoo” with echoes from Oliveira’s global travels.

“We believe this track is something special, and we’re determined to share it with the world. It’s a celebration of unity and diversity, and we’re excited to see how it resonates with listeners,” say the artists regarding the new release.

Stream the enlivening new single on Spotify through the pre-save link and engage with this unique form of art! Follow the artists on their social media platforms and enter the stunning world of “The New Civilization”.



Based in Porto, Oliveira, a didgeridoo maestro, has been a force in World music, enthralling audiences since 2000. His journey has been an extraordinary one, incorporating the enchanting “Trancanholas” and the soulful Fado Portuguese Guitar into his compositions. An encounter with a didgeridoo ensemble in Stockholm realigned his artistic trajectory, connecting him fervently to the United Kingdom and Liverpool’s iconic Cavern Club. Refining his craft at London’s ICMP further cemented Oliveira’s status as a bold and adventurous musical pioneer, creating something extraordinary, something that would defy musical conventions and resonate with a diverse audience. “The New Civilization” was born, showcasing a fusion of dance, spoken word, carnival-inspired vocals, mad electronica, and circus music


Till Sunday Pirate
Name: Natural Groove Records
Address: Rua Luz Soriano 53 1º esquerdo, PORTO/CAMPO LINDO, Porto, Porto, Portugal
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +351 91 293 37 36


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TILL.SUNDAY.PIRATE/
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SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/tillsundaypirate
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/tillsundaypirate


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