Hitchhiker Puts It Into Hyperdrive With ‘Maserati Nights’

Hitchhiker Puts It Into Hyperdrive With ‘Maserati Nights’

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Fort Washington, Maryland – March 4, 2020 – Hitchhiker took decades of experience creating and producing and put it towards his latest, ‘Maserati Nights’

Eight-tracks deep, ‘Maserati Nights’ kicks things into high gear with the press of play. “Via Celebrity” delivers hype hip hop that comes through for the Wiz Khalifa fans out there while Hitchhiker shows off his vocal skills like Mario or Usher on “Seize The Day.” 

With a myriad of styles ranging from hip hop to pop to even a pinch of R&B, ‘Maserati Nights’ is a can’t miss listening experience for those who love a radio-ready hit like his current single, “Senorita.” Guaranteed to make you move, “Senorita” has a hook that won’t quit and a video that only turns up the heat surrounding this surefire hit single. 

Those interested in adding new music to their playlists, featuring “Senorita” on their site, or interviewing Hitchhiker can reach out via the information provided below. 

For more information on Hitchhiker, please visit: https://www.hikervision.com/#radio


Hitchhiker put everything he had into his latest, ‘Maserati Nights,’ and it was well worth it as this album delivers a fresh take on the pop realm. 

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