Hottest Rapper out of Haiti: Introducing to the Masses The official BX Gonz

Hottest Rapper out of Haiti: Introducing to the Masses The official BX Gonz

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With various Hip Hop tracks released and many more on the way for future releases, emerging artist BX Gonz is all set to make it big in the music world.

Reading, Pennsylvania – October 29th, 2021 – Up-and-coming artist BX Gonz is a talented musician who has incredible expertise in the genre of Hip Hop music along with Rap. With a whole bunch of musical talents and years of experience in hand, the artist is extremely well-equipped in this regard and really knows how to come up with unique tunes by playing around with various beats. Proving his artistic brilliance, BX Gonz just released a brand new single titled “Nothing”.

With the release of the song, the rising rapper is hoping for his outstanding sound to get out there and bring Hip Hop lovers towards his music from all around the world. He wants people to discover him by giving a listen to his songs, eventually admiring him for the kind of artist he is and for the music he composes. “Nothing” was released in early September this year and has managed to amass a significant number of streams and downloads from music enthusiasts around the world. Being an extremely versatile and talented artist, BX Gonz has worked on the single by himself with a little bit of help in the production process from other talented artists from the industry. An extremely well-known producer, Kd-the-stranger, worked on the production of the single. Currently available on most major music streaming/downloading platforms around the world including Spotify, SoundCloud, Musicprosite, and more, “Nothing” is a perfect amalgamation of Rap and Hip Hop music. The way BX Gonz has blended the two genres with so much finesse and expertise is what makes him such an outstanding artist of this era.

What makes BX Gonz so incredibly unique as an artist is the energy he puts into his music. Most of his fans compliment him for the kind of energy he exalts into his music which, in turn, transforms into the listeners and lifts up their moods completely. The music he produces gives off an extremely raw and authentic Hip Hop feel. Another thing that makes BX Gonz stand out amongst other artists is the fact that he is in Haiti, bringing his fans real Hip Hop music that sounds like it’s coming from New York.

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BX-Gonz is an independent artist, originally from New York. Currently living in port au prince Hait, he’s been doing music on and off for years. For the past 3 years, he has experienced a lot of changes in his life living in the states which he displays in some of his music.

The artist comes from the era when music was more authentic, so he challenges himself daily to bring back that sound to the masses.


The official BX Gonz
Name: The official BX Gonz
Address: 523 Penn street, Port au Prince Haiti, Reading, Pennsylvania
Email: [email protected]
Phone: The official BX Gonz




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