Humnos Logos Music Cures Classical Cravings With Debut 

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‘Instrumental Verses 1’ Out Now 


Houston, Texas – June 3, 2020 – On the surface, one may think Humnos Logos Music is all about classical, instrumental sounds but they encompass so much more. Inspired by Scriptures, Humnos Logos Music’s debut, ‘Instrumental Verses 1,’ finds new ways to deliver Christian music by evoking emotion without the use of lyrical content. This classical meets Christian debut features several songs. Five are classical in nature, and the other two are a pair of pop-rock tracks that give this album a modern edge. 

With Humnos meaning song, and Logos meaning “word of God,” Humnos Logos Music has cleverly crafted each song based on a word of God from the Bible throughout this debut. Some songs touch on the famous “Hall of Faith” chapter like “Not Worthy of Them,” as well as one about Philip’s automatic transport called “Arise & Go.” Humnos Logos Music’s “Last Enemy” was inspired not only by Scripture but also reality. This American Songwriting finalist started to take shape after a beloved minister who had passed. It conveys the anger one has towards death and also the upside that one day the idea of death will perish as well. 

In a world where there is so much conversation, so much noise, it’s nice to be able to digest emotive music that is void of hearsay. The notes, melodies, and arrangements speak volumes and allow listeners to just be in the moment with each song. In a world that can sometimes be too much, ‘Instrumental Verses 1’ is a comforting joy. 

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When one’s grandmother can play the piano by ear, has a great grandfather who built and played his own banjo, and a mother who spent years with a flute in hand – there is no denying that person has music running through them like a creek through a forest. That’s just always been this composer’s reality. Music surrounded her from the start and today she’s a composer finding ways to marry classical sounds with Christian music on her Humnos Logos Music debut, ‘Instrumental Verses 1.’

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