Iamzyrie: Star in the Making?

Iamzyrie: Star in the Making?

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Sumter, SC — Sunday, February 16th, 2020 — In 2019, the world witnessed a plethora of artists including Lil Nas X, Lizzo, and DaBaby break onto the scene. Now in 2020, could Iamzyrie be the next?

Born Zyrie Pringle, Iamzyrie, an up and coming hip-hop artist hailing from South Carolina, do not have much music to his name as of right now. However, he does have one song to his catalog already entitled “Move” that shows tremendous potential for the South Carolinian artist. While modern-day mainstream hip-hop has been heavily inspired by a trap for the past decade, “Move” takes a different direction. The artist raps about his lust for a female over an addictive 80’s inspired electronic funk instrumental.

“The record is a great start for him. There’s no doubt in my mind if he is consistent and continues to release high-quality music such as this track, he can reach the high level in this industry.” says one of the artist’s closest friends. The single without a doubt builds to the excitement for the artist’s upcoming releases.

Iamzyrie is a very unique artist and an artist who refuses to follow trends. He possesses a smooth flow along with a strong, powerful, bass-filled voice, reminiscent of The Notorious B.I.G and LL Cool J. He is more than capable of commercializing his artistic talents and reach a high level of success in the process. The question is, will the artist be capable of attracting a mainstream artist.

In conclusion, although he currently only has 1 song to his name as of now, Iamzyrie shows that he has potential to be a become a star in the ever-evolving music industry and “Move” can only get one excited for the music that Iamzyrie has in the vault ready to share to the world. Will the future see him breaking onto the scene and becoming one of the defining entertainers of the 2020s? We’ll have to wait and see

You can stream “Move” and check out more about Iamzyrie right here.







Iamzyrie can be described as a unique, one of a kind, an artist who seems to be on his own path of blending electronic funk with hip-hop.




Zyrie Pringle
803 757 8871

Source: ArtistPR Press Release

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