Igniting the Fireworks of Revolution with Vibrant Latin Country and Rock: Cuba Libre Mesmerize with New Album

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A powerful and enigmatic Rock sensation from Europe, Cuba Libre are all set to enthrall audiences with a mix of rhythms, with new album- ‘Revolución’

Fulda, Hessen, Germany — A Latin Rock phenomenon from Europe that is winning hearts all around the world, Cuba Libre is here to stay. The eclectic band includes a number of talented individuals, coming together and curating an enriching mix of meaningful, powerful lyricism and multi-genre rhythmic elements.

Led by the smooth and silky vocal genius of Carlos Garcia, Cuba Libre present listeners an exciting blend of Latin Country and Rock genres, delivering a refreshing and unique soundscape. Crossing over multiple genres, the artists hope to become the biggest new Latin crossover sensation since Juanez and Mana.

Cuba Libre’s new album is captivatingly titled, ‘Revolución’, and includes 11 hit songs- all underscored by one powerful and modern message of change, diversity, and unity despite the many differences that characterize society today.

‘Revolución’ follows onto the artist’s first album, ‘Cuba Libre’ which was released for audiences in 2005 and their hit, ‘Arriba Deutschland’ which dropped in 2016. Following the success of their previous releases, García Scholz and Niessner composed and launched the new LP, with an aim to weave connections amidst audiences.

“With this album we want to encourage our listeners to experience a revolution- a revolution of the heart…it should be a message for diversity and understanding between all humans and tolerance!” say Cuba Libre regarding their music.

The Cuba Libre band remains inspired to unveil and unearth the simplicity and rawness of life, since they believe that the challenges of our busy and complicated life often leave behind the meaning and value of life.

With each new release encompassing wide-ranging, sensory influences of European and Latin American Culture combined in one Sound, Cuba Libre hope to express the freedom and unbridled liberty of touching different styles. ‘Revolución’ presents a touching narrative through which the group emphasizes the intrinsic and momentous value of freedom and liberation.

Stream Cuba Libre’s fantastic new album, ‘Revolución’ and follow the artists musical journey on social media for updates on new releases. For interviews, bookings, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to reach out to the band through email.




Cuba Libre is a talented and eclectic new powerhouse in the music scene, producing stirring compositions that embody R&B, Rock, and Pop. Staying true to their roots and mixing diverse flavors of Latin sounds, be it traditional notes or modern rhythms, Cuba Libre is set to succeed.

Reinventing their vibe continually to keep up with the changing tides, Cuba Libre focuses on stealing hearts through live performances, from the fall of 2021. The dynamic musical collective marked their imprint with the release of two albums namely, ‘Cuba Libre’ and ‘Revolución’, mixed with new interpretations of classic Latin Hits from icons: Ricky Martin, Maná and even Santana.

With its live band formed by 7 musicians and counting with the drummer Stephan Emig and Venezuelan percussionist Nené Vásquez who is well known for his collaboration with leading Latin Pop artists like Shakira, Cuba Libre is bound to reach new heights. The eclectic group meets every music taste and presents and performs a unique show which is a firework of sounds on stage.


Cuba Libre
Name: Peter Scholz
Email: [email protected]


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cubalibrelive
Instagram: https://instagram.com/cubalibreliveband?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOb2UQ7MniZABB1roxuJ8cw/featured
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7yZiSgm142fOJGK6DWah6L?si=lc_aC2pHTt2-6w5GTc-UYQ


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