Igniting the R&B Scene with Illustrious Tunes – Ro’Nae and Dae One Ignite the R&B Scene with Stunning Single “Real One”

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Seattle’s rising star Ro’Nae delivers a striking, memorable, and show-stopping performance with L.A.’s hit-making producer, Dae One in “Real One”

Seattle, WA —The newest offering from Ro’Nae, in collaboration with Dae One, is the single “Real One“, an embodiment of sultry vocals, soul-stirring lyrics, and melodies that cling to memory. The track showcases not just Ro’Nae’s vocal prowess but her artistic vision, echoing a confident message that celebrates the power and complexity of womanhood.

“Real One” emerged from a chemistry-infused studio session that saw Ro’Nae’s dynamic vocal range meet Dae One’s masterful production to create an anthem that resonates with empowerment and adoration. The track’s hook, irresistible in its charm, invites listeners to sing along to a narrative of strength and independence.

This isn’t just music—it’s a mission statement from an artist with a purpose. Ro’Nae writes from a place of positivity and self-reflection, sidestepping competition in favor of personal evolution. Her inspiration from total entertainers like Chris Brown and Beyonce fuels her desire to weave various aspects of creativity into a tapestry of entertainment.

With a summer release on the horizon, Ro’Nae’s EP, executive produced by Dae One, stands as a beacon of her growth and ambition. The goal is clear: to rise through the ranks of the industry as a complete artist and earn her place among the stars.

Fans and newcomers alike are invited to visit sheisronae.com to experience the world of Ro’Nae. There, they can purchase “Real One”, explore her merchandise, and follow her journey on social media. With open arms, she welcomes collaborations, features, and appearances, extending an invitation to join her as she shares her gifts with the world, in tune with her belief that we are all endowed with talents that enrich our collective experience.

Ro’Nae is not just another name in the R&B ledger. She is a force, an artist carving out a legacy with every note and move. With “Real One” as a prelude to her summer release, Ro’Nae stands ready to captivate the world with her music and her unwavering confidence, one humble brag at a time.

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From the vibrant city of Seattle, Ro’Nae is claiming her place in the R&B universe, not just as a singer-songwriter and performer but as an artist to watch. Her journey, fueled by the early days of captivating audiences with Mariah Carey covers, has now taken flight toward new horizons. Ro’Nae’s creative prowess, encompassing a talent for writing, dance, and a magnetic stage presence, heralds the arrival of R&B’s next superstar.

After causing waves on the indie R&B college radio charts and sharing stages with illustrious names like Lyfe Jennings, Faith Evans, and Raheem DaVaughn, Ro’Nae’s ascent continues. Her partnership with Los Angeles-based super-producer Dae One on an upcoming EP promises to be a groundbreaking endeavor in her already stellar career.


Name: Ro’Nae
Email: [email protected]


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sheisRoNae
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sheisronae/?hl=en
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgiI5ibjbsWlTJqS7VDrQrQ
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2XX9ICSJuqPABuKVViLgTa


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