Igniting the Reggaeton Scene with a Fresh, Riveting, & Compelling Rhythm – Wriiiki Presents New Single “La Turista”

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A groundbreaking collaboration with Blackchango Entertainment, “La Turista” sets a shining standard in Latin Urban music

Toa Baja, Puerto Rico — May 27rd , 2024 – “La Turista,” released on May 1, 2024, is not just another reggaetón track. Rather, the new release forms a bold statement in the music industry, illustrating the potential of Latin urban fusion. The single features a unique blend of sounds that reflect Wriiiki’s vision of bridging cultural gaps through music.

This project is bolstered by key collaborations with renowned figures such as Duran The Coach, who brought his authentic reggaetón influence, and GrandNeff, whose fresh beats add a modern twist to the mix. The production quality is further enhanced by engineers who have worked with Chenco Corleone, ensuring that every beat resonates with clarity and impact.

The involvement of Grammy-winning artist Trumpet, secured through the platform SoundBetter, adds a prestigious layer to the project, enriching the sound with their exceptional musical skills. This collaboration is a highlight of the album, emphasizing the fusion of different musical styles and cultures, a core aspect of the album’s appeal.

Listeners of “La Turista” can expect a vibrant mix of energetic rhythms and innovative urban elements. The track is designed to appeal to both long-time reggaeton enthusiasts and newcomers to the genre, providing a musical experience that is both familiar and fresh. The album’s diverse range of sounds and styles makes it a dynamic and engaging listen, reflecting the collaborative spirit of the project.

The motivations behind this ambitious project are rooted in Wriiiki’s belief in the transformative power of music. By staying true to the essence of reggaeton while also embracing global music trends, Wriiiki aims to showcase the genre’s versatility and its ability to connect people across different cultures.

“La Turista” is inspired by the rich history of Latin music and the vibrant, evolving culture of reggaetón, drawing influences from both classic artists and contemporary trends.

Looking ahead, Wriiiki and Blackchango Entertainment have set their sights on reaching a global audience and continuing to innovate within the music industry. Plans for a tour to support the album and participation in music festivals around the world are underway, with the goal of bringing their unique sound to a wider audience. Additionally, Wriiiki is focused on continuing his exploration of musical collaboration, aiming to diversify his offerings and further evolve the sound of reggaetón.

Experience the unique blend of traditional reggaetón rhythms and innovative urban influences in “La Turista” by visiting Wriiiki’s YouTube channel! This track is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting evolution in the world of Latin urban music.



Wriiiki, the rising star from Dorado, Puerto Rico, has released his latest single “La Turista,” an electrifying addition to the reggaeton genre that blends traditional Latin rhythms with modern urban influences. Released under the dynamic label Blackchango Entertainment, this track marks a significant step in Wriiiki’s musical journey, showcasing his ability to innovate and push the boundaries of reggaeton. Drawing inspiration from legends like Yaviah and Residente, “La Turista” is a testament to Wriiiki’s dedication to his roots while also propelling the genre into new territories.


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