Illegal NoiZe Announces New Single “Through 2 Eyes”

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New Electronic Music Available June 26, 2020 


Santa Fe, New Mexico – June 18, 2020 – Those in the electronic scene may recall streaming the likes of an artist by the name of DJZ several years ago. At the time he’d amassed millions of streams on his Soundcloud by the same name. All that came to an end when an Asian company trademarked his name, made their own site, started promoting mainstream artists like Deadmau5 and Skrillex, and even made a DJing app. All the hard work DJZ had put into his music – gone. As if things could not get worse, Illegal NoiZe lost all he’d built up in 2014 and then was hit with a cancer diagnosis the following year. Despite the mountain of setbacks, he pushed forward. In recent years he’s dropped his debut as Illegal NoiZe and released a handful of singles that are proving to be as popular in the electronic scene as his last. 

He released his debut LP, ‘The Black Album 2’ as Illegal NoiZe in 2019 and has since followed that up this year with three new tracks already; “I Just Need Some Bars” “Stardust,” and “Dreamin.” The latter was featured on Kevin Hill’s ‘Dreamin’ Remixes’ EP and is faring well in the electronic realm, but now Illegal NoiZe is focused on getting the word out about not only his comeback, but his upcoming June 2020 release, “Through 2 Eyes.”

Illegal NoiZe began his musical journey in 2007 as DJZ. Then he was playing events throughout New Mexico, and by 2009 was producing his own beats. A few years later things started to pick up as his DJZ Soundcloud continued to garner hundreds, then thousands, then millions of streams. Because he utilized some bootlegs, Sony/UMG shut him down and soon after DJZ was trademarked and the artist formerly known as was no more; completely wiped away. It’s all in the past now and there’s nothing Illegal NoiZe can do but share his story, and his newest releases with the world as he builds his new name back up. 

Those interested in adding new electronic music to their playlists, featuring “Through 2 Eyes” on their site, or interviewing Illegal NoiZe for their site, podcast or radio show can reach out via the information provided below. 

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Through 2 Eyes:

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