Illuminating the Holiday Season with a Heartfelt Christmas Gift- Heinz Riemer Presents “Christmas Tree”

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Spreading the vibrant, warm, and evocative hues of the Holiday Season, ViennaCC enchants audiences with his beautiful gift single- “Christmas Tree”

Vienna, Austria, Vienna, Austria — In the heart of Vienna, Austria, the enchanting and ebullient melodies of ViennaCC, crafted by music and video producer Heinz Riemer, are set to echo the authentic spirit of the season. Now for Christmas, the talented artist unveils a special gift for fans and followers — a free download of his latest pop creation, “Christmas Tree.

The mid tempo pop song immerses listeners in a winter wonderland, capturing the magic of the holidays. “Christmas Tree” unfolds like a gentle snowfall, painting a vivid picture of a cozy Christmas scene. The song kicks off with poetic and moving lyricism, as delicate as the twirl of snowflakes, creating a serene backdrop.

The central motif, the Christmas tree, becomes a symbolic witness to the unfolding narrative. Lyrics weave a heartfelt conversation, portraying shared warmth on the sofa between two souls, evoking a sense of togetherness and joy. The tree’s branches are likened to a good old friend, inviting everyone to take its hand and join the celebration.

“Christmas Tree” delves into the nostalgic atmosphere of the season, from the dance of silvered baubles to the resplendent gleam- everything that makes the season of happiness, love, and collectivism bloom. Mentions of childhood dreams tied to chocolate and gifts beneath the tree add layers of anticipation and excitement. The refrain, with its gentle reminder of flickering candles casting tales on walls, infuses tenderness into the composition.

An enchanting Pop song, “Christmas Tree” is not just a musical piece; it’s a poetic journey into the heart of holiday magic. ViennaCC’s carefully crafted allegories and comparisons create a narrative that resonates with listeners, making “Christmas Tree” a delightful addition to the seasonal repertoire. The melody invites everyone to experience the warmth, joy, and wonderment of the festive season in a way only a composition by ViennaCC can achieve.

Relish the joy of the Christmas spirit, stream and download for free “Christmas Tree” on the artist’s SoundCloud channel! Visit the artist’s channel on YouTube to witness the beautiful accompanying visuals.




ViennaCC, a music and video producer, and photo artist from Vienna, Austria, has achieved significant success with eight Top Ten hits, including two number ones in the European Indie charts and World Indie charts. As ViennaCC spreads holiday cheer through music, he invites everyone to join him in celebrating the magic of Christmas, and experience the nostalgia, wistfulness, and love of a memorable time.



Name: Heinz Riemer
Address: Andergasse 12A/2/11, Vienna, Austria, Vienna, Austria
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +4314844964




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