I’m A Lion, Not A Goat. A Lion Will Eat A Goat~ Kritikull Thnkng

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Carrollton,, Georgia — From tradgedy to triumph, Kritikull ThnKng remained strong when many people would’ve given up. After the tragic loss of his youngest son, he almost gave up on music and contemplated taking his own life. After taking a brief break from music, Kritikull ThnKng is back, going harder than ever end dedicating all of his music to his son to make him proud looking down from Heaven. He hopes that his music can help other people get through things in their lives the same way it helped him get through things in his. This man has drive and determination like no other.

Kritikull ThnKng makes music for everyone. Whether you’re going through a break up or just lost a loved one, or you’re just trying to turn up and have a good time, he has something for you. Completely independent, he records, mixes, and masters everything himself, and if that’s not enough, he also does all his own promo. He’s currently nominated for “Underground Artist of the Year” and is quickly making a name for himself after only a year of doing music.

“I come from the dirt, but bi**h like a tree, im rising up.”~ Kritikull ThnKng

“Real eyes, realize, real lies, I’m seeing the truth.”~ Kritikull ThnKng

”Too perfect for this world, so i guess you had to leave, but i know you up in Heaven, nodding your head to the sound of the beat.”~ Kritikull ThnKng

Kritikull ThnKng is a very versatile and relatable artist who everyone should give a listen to. 100% independent, he is a true artist, not just a rapper.

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From losing his youngest son to being nominated for “Underground Artist of the Year” in just a matter of months, this man really doesn’t give up. He dedicates all of his music to his son in heaven and hopes that he can help someone out there through his music. A true lyricist, listeners have called him a “white lil wayne”


Kritikull ThnKng
Name: Jesse Morris
Email: [email protected]


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kritikull.ThnKng.Music?mibextid=2JQ9oc
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kritikull_thnkng?igsh=MTR4dHFvc3Jtcmh3OQ%3D%3D&utm_source=qr
YouTube: https://youtube.com/@kritikull_ThnKng_official?si=rRDA2nWMoehcyXdg
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7mG4ElXww5Bdo8VTeAeJu3?si=jFho-0MJRtysfkH6fBV49Q
LinkedIn: https://linktr.ee/Kritikull_ThnKng


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