Imbuing Hip Hop with Raw, Authentic, and Heart-Rending Life Stories: Up-and-Coming Baltimore-Based Artist Trill CG Set to Inspire

Imbuing Hip Hop with Raw, Authentic, and Heart-Rending Life Stories: Up-and-Coming Baltimore-Based Artist Trill CG Set to Inspire

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With the release of his memorable and soul-stirring new release, titled “Going Crazy”, Trill CG takes listeners through the fire of his life, igniting motivation and inspiration through raw and authentic songwriting.

Baltimore, Maryland- September 3rd, 2021 – Battling all odds stacked against him to craft a unique position for himself in the music world, Trill CG is set to motivate listeners with each new release.

Led by a passion to make sure that his musical compositions are heard worldwide, leaving a memorable and impactful imprint through his vocal brilliance, Trill CG continues to enthrall and motivate. With stirring Hip Hop singles, such as “Going Crazy” and “Drip” featuring Money Mu (Authentic Empire), the dynamic artist sheds light on the raw and realistic stories, brought right from the heart of the streets of Baltimore.

Through inspiring and sensory songwriting and vocals, the artist channels the pain of his life struggles- being shot, surviving a car crash, losing the love of his life (his girlfriend), and losing time to the regressive prison system after being charged with attempted murder.

“What makes [me and my] music unique is my back story of pain. I’m motivated by freedom( example: financially, mentally, emotionally ECT)…beliefs are in just a high power…inspiration is to inspire others”, says the artist regarding his music.

Using his music as a conduit, Trill CG is able to tell his stories about how he overcame trials and tribulations, helping all his listeners to stay focused and keep the faith through hard times, believing in themselves.

Take a walk through Trill CG’s thrilling and pain-filled life journey by streaming his music on all official music platforms. Follow the artist on Instagram @trillcg to keep track of the latest music releases, and contact through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.


Duane Dixon, better known by his musical identity Trill CG, is a rising, up-and-coming singer-songwriter who hails from Baltimore, Maryland. Having accomplished multiple opening acts for several musical icons and powerhouses, such as Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Lil Durk, Kash Doll, Trinidad James, YFN Lucci, Blac Youngsta, and several others.

Having battled a series of obstacles in life, Trill CG has continued to remain steadfast in his resolve, continually evolving and growing with his music. A fearless powerhouse, Trill CG survived a deadly car accident, being shot, and suffering through the depression of his beloved passing away in Coma incurred, through a deadly car accident. Trill CG was also falsely accused and incarcerated in 2018, for attempted murder charges- something which he was found not guilty for later. With each new release, the dynamic artist hopes to establish his own unique musical imprint.

Name: Trill CG
Email Address: [email protected]


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