Impuritees – ‘Nothing Matters’

Impuritees – ‘Nothing Matters’

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Impuritees – ‘Nothing Matters’


Fast-moving drum machines, auto-tuned vocals, and synthetic effects dominate the airwaves today, in the form of catchy and chart-occupying tracks. In fact, the domination of this type of song, as well as the type’s frequency, has led many listeners to believe that traditional rock ‘n’ roll bands are musical phenomena of the past. However, this simply isn’t true; rock bands are harder to find than ever before, but if one knows where to look, there’s a lot to be excited about.  

Case and point: the Impuritiees, and their latest EP, Nothing Matters, which dropped on 16 June 2017.  

From start to finish, the EP is a crash course in all things rock: meaningful lyrics, careful and engaging vocals, electric bass lines, man-operated drum sequences that surpass their machine counterparts, and guitar riffs that will make anyone want to get an instrument of their own and rock out.  

Nothing Matters features four songs, each of which is an impressive musical accomplishment that’s sure to keep fans coming back for more.  

Adrenaline-pumping instruments—drums, bass, and guitar—kick “Nothing Matters” and its EP of the same name off in riveting fashion. Meaningful lyrics make an appearance not long afterwards, and impressively, the group has managed to strike a vocal style that splits the difference between melodic and head-banging; without sounding too intense or too pop-like, the Impuritees make listeners want to join in and sing with this remarkable first track. Most importantly of all, “Nothing Matters” is enjoyable to listen to.  

“Acceptance” takes something of a darker and more progressive turn than “Nothing Matters” by employing a faithful guitar-bass combination immediately. Vocals are once again perfectly suited for the track at-hand; undoubtedly, one of the Impuritees’ biggest strengths is being able to, as a band, adapt to any style of song. Their versatility is remarkable, and like “Nothing Matters”, the lyrics in “Acceptance” are sure to captivate listeners.  

“Speak to Me” springs into listeners’ ears with an acoustic solo and once again perfect vocals that do their heavy lyrics justice. Most notably of all, “Speak to Me” places an extra emphasis on a one-of-a-kind bass part that truly drives the song forward. This powerful bass helps connect the drums, vocals, and guitar, to form a track that feels as though it’s been meticulously crafted specifically to please listeners.  

There’s something to be said for this.  

Don’t be fooled by the track name—the Impuritees didn’t take the “Easy Way” out with this one. Like the other tracks on the EP, but even more so, “Easy Way” molds its instrumental portions together with precision and tact, and the lead singer perfectly adapts his tone to fit this instrumental.  

If it isn’t clear yet, the Impuritees are worth watching going forward, their latest EP, Nothing Matters, is worth listening to right now, and their unique rocking abilities are worth telling other rock ‘n’ roll fans about ASAP. It might not be long before the group is making international waves! 


Max Ringer

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