Independent, Young, And Driven – BG Scott An Upcoming To Look Out For

Independent, Young, And Driven – BG Scott An Upcoming To Look Out For

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This new original EP release is the culmination of a journey of growth, learning and harnessing creativity for this artist

Los Angeles, California – October 9th, 2021 – BG Scott is a young artist who has just released his new album, ‘Leap of Faith’. So aptly titled, this composition is a breakthrough for this creative genius. The first product he has released ever since arriving in Los Angeles in July, BG Scott claims that his musical work has experienced a lot of growth in the past few months. Unsurprisingly, listeners have a lot of expectations from the artist’s work.  The musician extends his warms thanks to Taha Beats and thxluke, who produced and mixed the EP alongside him. The credits for vocals only go to BG Scott, however.

‘Leap of Faith’ is a composition that paints the picture of risk and reward. Dealing with coming of age and adult life, the content of this album will be highly relatable to all the young adults out there. BG Scott’s powerful and energetic vocals and strong accent are bound to garner the listener’s attention till the very end. Thus, it isn’t surprising that ‘Leap of Faith’ is becoming increasingly popular among young adults.

Scott’s music is all about carving out one’s own desired paths, displaying spirit and energy characteristics only to young people. The artist’s work is driven by the aim to forge one’s journey, and it is a philosophy we also see in his music. Only twenty years old, Scott started dabbling in music with his brother, who goes by SpaceCoupe. Five years later, he is now recording on his own and making his timeless sounds available to the world to enjoy and experience.

BG Scott’s new EP, as well as past releases, are available on all major platforms. Additionally, he can be contacted on his social media accounts and email for feedback and business inquiries.

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An energetic young musician from Virginia, for BG Scott, getting into music was a family affair. He started recording with his brother at fifteen. In the short five years, Scott’s music has witnessed a lot of growth and maturity. The artist is a staunch believer in listening to one’s heart and following what it has to say. So far, this strategy is working out for Scott and leading him on a sure way to success.


BG Scott
Name: BG Scott
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