Infinity Dragon Announces Release of His New Album, ‘Sex & Magic’

Infinity Dragon Announces Release of His New Album, ‘Sex & Magic’

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Get Ready for Sultry Electronic Beats With Infinity Dragon’s Upcoming Album

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – January 4, 2021 – Infinity Dragon’s natural raw talent was evident ever since his interests grew in creative expression at the young age of 5. Soon enough, creativity became a part of the artist’s identity. His skills grew more serious when he began writing poetry in college, a love that transformed into a love for writing music. Today, Infinity Dragon has blossomed into a man of many talents, as a producer, artist, mixer, and skilled masterer.

Infinity Dragon’s new release is the album ‘Sex & Magic.’ As is the case with all his albums, it will morph several genres for unique sounds to catch the listeners off guard. The mystical and sultry ensemble of tunes in this album is melodious enough to become the listener’s romance anthem.

The artist’s style is inspired by the works of legends like Prince, Michael Jackson, Sade, and Dr. Dre. He tests the limits or norms of music with what he likes to call “freaky fresh beats.” Infinity Dragon’s brimming musical talent is best defined by AnRFactory, a music industry blog. The blog talked about the artist’s previous album, ‘2Wild,’ saying, “Infinity Dragon pushes the boundaries of music with genre-defying ‘Santa Monica’.”

‘Sex & Magic’ opens listeners up to a whole new way of expressing romance and love in life. The explosive lyrics combined with synchronized electronic beats are bound to turn new electro music listeners into full-fledged fans of the artist.

Listen to ‘Sex & Magic’, now available on Spotify. Listeners can also buy Infinity Dragon’s ‘Sex & Magic’ on Apple Music. Those who want to connect with the artist can reach out via the information below.



Infinity Dragon is a self-made producer, writer, and musician from Philadelphia who is gradually making his mark in the industry. Right from the age of 5, Infinity Dragon pursued the path of creative arts. From dancing and music to sketching, Infinity Dragon could transform any art form to make it his own and express himself. Infinity Dragon chose the life of a musician and, in doing that, has released several masterpieces. His unique yet familiar musical style falls under the genre of alternative and electronic rock.


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