Innovation at its Finest and Grittiest. Stacy Xolares is Bringing the Art Back into Being an Artist

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There’s much to be said about Stacy Xolares. The American born rapper and singer, considered mostly alternative in the trap scene, is revered to be one of the most prophetic artists of the new generation.

Clearwater FL — Tuesday, September 20th, 2021 — From the innovative ways they’re using their skills of production to create soundscapes, and ambiance’s, to the emotionally gut-wrenching and spaced-out vibe of their progressive use of double echoes and delays, to their unique but reflective lyrical approach, and their construction of what we know albums to have felt like, in an era once lost. In a land that can sometimes feel dry, and barren, Xolares is like a refreshing glass of ice-cold water.

Known for their eccentric demeanor and vocal style, alongside their remarkable and auspicious engineering capabilities, Xolares is truly a once in a lifetime artist that you should be watching with an extremely close eye.

Stacy Xolares is a remarkable talent that seems to be incapable of taking no for an answer. When an immovable object and an unstoppable force meet on common ground, Xolares is standing tall in the heart of the storm.

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Xolares music is like taking 5 tabs of acid. You’re excited, you’re intrigued, but you’re frightened and scared. Everything you once knew to be, is now shifting and changing in ways that you can’t predict. You’re at peace, but you contemplate that peace. Xolares takes you through an emotional sonic rollercoaster, that you’re unsure of is going to stay on the tracks long enough for you to make it off, but one you are innately drawn back to riding all over again every time.



Stacy Xolares




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