Inspiring Hope and Social Justice – Kerry W Clancy’s New Track Is the One for Today’s Times

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“Mama Mama I Can’t Breathe” draws listeners through the bare reality of today’s times, leaving a lasting, impactful imprint for all audiences

Indianapolis, INDIANA — August 10th, 2022 – An R&B singer-songwriter who continues to charm, excite, and inspire audiences with his musical concepts, Kerry W Clancy is an artist for the ages. Under the imprint of Yo Baby Cyber Records, his independently run music label, the eclectic artist is changing the landscape of music for the masses.

With the release of his new original single, “Mama Mama I Can’t Breathe”, the talented Indianapolis-based artist showcases a unique perspective. Delivering a gripping, melodic, and thoroughly captivating record, the artist sheds light on the endemic social injustice which keeps the United States a captive to hate, strife, and discord.

However, Kerry’s new single takes one step forward, by also lighting the rays of hope that audiences can beautifully witness. “Mama Mama I Can’t Breathe” is a depiction of the prejudice, racial inequality, and injustice that plagues contemporary society, but also symbolic of resistance.

The new track highlights the value of standing up against wrong, a sign that things have the potential to go in the right direction if everybody collectively raises their voice against social injustice. It is a passionate display of smooth flow, song writing that resonates, and entertaining rhythms.

Never shying away from societal critiques, Kerry W Clancy’s music is known to span a diverse set of subjects from social issues and problems, personal stories of love and romance, and even festival narratives and moods.

Listeners of Kerry’s new music will feel a much deeper awareness of the social injustice prevalent in the United States, and the new track is bound to spur critical discourse amidst fans of the genre. The artist’s new drop remains inspired from his own experiences, and he remains motivated to continue following his musical journey.

“I feel my my style of music is unique and can be readily identified as music by myself. My future plans include more festive music for the next 3 releases,” says the talented artist regarding his music and plans.

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Hailing from Ft. Wayne in Indiana, Kerry W Clancy is a truly dynamic and passionate R&B singer, songwriter, and artist. Kerry Clancy attended the Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, where he was also a member of the fraternity, Kappa ALPHA PSI.

A father of 2 kids, Kerry W Clancy is also a Vietnam war veteran, and has worked in IPS school district, giving back to society through his selfless ventures. Undeterred from his learning disability, Kerry hopes to inspire people with his musical compositions.


Kerry W Clancy
Name: kerry clancy
Address: 2817 e 10th st #233, Indianapolis, INDIANA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 317 4906893




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