INSTRUMENTAL by SCARLETT DEVA – Ambient Rhythms & Smooth Jazz Instrumentation- Solo Female Pianist-Artist Scarlett Deva Mesmerizes with “INSTRUMENTAL”

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An artist, composer, pianist, and producer, Scarlett Deva showcases her unbridled musical prowess with a spellbinding jazz record for the ages

Toronto, ON, Canada —Having released on October 31, 2023, Scarlett Deva’s five-piece collection fuses modern jazz with classical elements, delivering a sonic experience that is both contemporary and timeless.

Scarlett Deva’s One Woman Show has consistently dazzled audiences worldwide, earning her standing ovations and critical acclaim. Her musical talents traverse various genres, from jazz and big band to pop, popera, musical theatre, and orchestral compositions. Scarlett Deva’s hauntingly beautiful voice and virtuoso piano skills have been featured on radio, TV, and numerous original CDs that she herself produced. Her versatile voice was also featured in an episode of The Simpsons cartoon. She was seen performing in LA and was brought over to London, England by one of the largest Advert agencies, where she performed, composed, and or produced for adverts including Ford, Eagle Star, Gordon’s Gin, Bupa etc. in studios like Abbey Road and Air Edel. Several times, she was one of the MC’s at the Glastonbury Music Festival (UK), and has been a contributor arranger/composer to several editions of The Singing Book by Cynthia Vaughn and Meribeth Dayme.

Deva’s performance skills are not limited to music alone; she has been invited to host and perform in a variety of shows, including “A Scarlett Christmas,”  A Scarlett Valentine’s Show, and Summer and Winter Solstice events. Her dynamic presence and artistry consistently impress audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Beyond her music career, Scarlett Deva also works in Natural Medicine with a Ph.D.  combining the worlds of music and natural medicine. She has made significant contributions in the field, integrating Traditional Chinese, Natural, Herbal, Sound, Energy Medicine, and Anti-aging practices.

The eclectic artist’s humanitarian work abroad has been recognized with the WONM Humanitarian Outreach award twice, and in 2021, she founded the International Medical Arts Institute (IMAI), a Natural Medicine school.

“INSTRUMENTAL” her latest work, is a musical journey that transcends conventional boundaries. Scarlett Deva’s innovative approach to music results in a mesmerizing blend of modern jazz and classical elements, infused with contemporary sounds. The EP features her masterful piano compositions and arrangements, backed by multi-award-winning musicians in their own right including Curtis Freeman on bass, Rob Tardik, Emidio Ruberto (Crossfade_Sound), and Adam Adi on guitars. The tracks were recorded and mastered by engineer, Jill Zimmermann at Jukasa Studios.

With “INSTRUMENTAL,” Scarlett Deva invites listeners to explore a new musical landscape that blends traditional and modern sounds. The songs transcend musical norms, offering a joyful and innovative listening experience. The striking EP pays testament to her ongoing commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, seeking unity, a hint of contemplative meditation, and spreading happiness through music.

Scarlett Deva’s music, deeply rooted in her background as a healer, strives to evoke feelings of transformation, mysticism, and inspiration. Her artistic journey has been described as “transformational” by her audience, and she undoubtedly possesses the X factor that captivates, uplifts, and wows her listeners and audience.

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Scarlett Deva is more than a talented pianist; she is a holistic artist whose musical journey has been intertwined with her passion for natural medicine. Born into a family of musicians and healers, Scarlett Deva’s background is steeped in rich musical heritage. Her father, Imre Antaloczy, was a renowned Tenor Soloist, conductor, and businessman, while her mother, Eva Antaloczy, was a mezzo-soprano soloist and poet.

Together with Scarlett, they formed The Antaloczy Trio, performing an international songbook and original repertoire across North America. As a versatile artist, Scarlett Deva wears many hats. She is a singer-songwriter, pianist, arranger, composer, conductor, and producer.


Scarlett Deva
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