Introducing a Bold and Magnetizing New Voice in Hip Hop – Alias the Ghost Stuns Audiences with Eclectic Style

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Izaway Entertainment unveils Grand Rapids\’ finest, budding talent- Alias the Ghost- an artist whose passionate craft knows no bounds

Grand Rapids, Michigan —January 1st, 2023 – A platform that continues to uplift and elevate up-and-coming artists and creatives, Izaway Entertainment has already made its mark with numerous projects available on all platforms, each resonating with authenticity and relatability.

The artists under the Izaway Entertainment umbrella, however, aren’t just performers- they are storytellers, sharing narratives that connect with listeners on a profound level. Specifically, the record label’s pivotal force, Alias The Ghost, continues to magnetize audiences with his enriching craft.

With tracks such as: “Face 2 Face,” “Ghost,” “No Hook,” and “Johnny Bravo,” Alias The Ghost has cultivated an original, raw, and authentic identity in the Hip Hop world. His bold takes on Hip Hop music continues to act as a catalyst for the Midwest’s musical uprising, aiming to propel local artists onto the global stage.

The essence of Izaway Entertainment as well lies in its commitment to developing, protecting, and nurturing growing talent within the industry. Beyond being a record label, Izaway Entertainment serves as a guiding force, steering individual careers in directions that align with the artists’ unique identities.

More than just a conduit for music, Izaway Entertainment is also an advocate for the underground sounds of Grand Rapids, a gateway ensuring that the wealth of talent in the region gets the global recognition it deserves.

With a mission to illuminate Grand Rapids on the musical map, Izaway Entertainment invites music enthusiasts to explore their projects on various platforms. Engage with them on social media, hit subscribe on their YouTube channel, and become part of the movement. Izaway Entertainment isn’t just shaping careers; it’s fostering a cultural resurgence, making Grand Rapids an undeniable force in the world of music!

As they continue to release compelling projects, Izaway Entertainment stands ready for interviews, podcasts, reviews, and any opportunity to showcase the raw talent that simmers within Grand Rapids.



Izaway Entertainment emerges as a beacon for independent artists, introducing a diverse roster of talent, including the prolific Alias The Ghost. Founded in 2005, Izaway Entertainment has swiftly become more than just a label- the imprint continues to elevate and showcase the hidden talents of the city, waiting to be discovered.

More than just music, however, Izaway Entertainment’s mission is to carve a path for the vibrant musical landscape of the Midwest, putting Grand Rapids at the forefront of the industry.

Alias The Ghost, one of the distinctive, skilled, and dynamic voices within Izaway Entertainment, brings audiences unique blend of Hip Hop and Rap. Channeling real experiences and emotions into his music, Alias the Ghost is a hitmaker in the making, and continues establishing his identity in the music world. As part of a collective that includes Blizz, Manchild, DUBB, Hardheaded Corn, and more, Alias the Ghost stands as a testament to the rich pool of talent thriving in Grand Rapids.


Alias The Ghost/ Izaway Entertainment
Name: Alias The Ghost
Email: [email protected]




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