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Capital Heights, Maryland – March 3, 2020 – Manifesting through rap, music is saving lives. We all know by now the power of words and the value of music, but we now also know how therapeutic the studio can be. Music and entertainment are providing hope at an all-time high rate because of the fortunes it is creating for the current generation. Not to mention the cultural diversity and power to embrace one’s uniqueness as benefits. Coming out of Capitol Heights, Maryland Money Bag Ty is determined to rap his way out the struggle. 

For Money Bag Ty, the environment around him is more than toxic; it is deadly. Money Bag Ty grew up in one of the most notorious sections of the rising in recognition DMV. That forced him to grow up early and become focused. Today, he is known for having a serious demeanor, and sometimes you don’t know what he thinks until he’s in the vocal booth. 

The ‘Mind Worth A Mil’ album just dropped with a mixtape on the way, and it helped get us close with him and see the path to greatness as it lays out for anyone who believes in themselves. Money Bag Ty’s lyrics are inspiring, humorous, informative, and are a staple in the cultural period. 

The album features mentor and label owner P – Feengaz, who is also coming out with a project in March 2020 but also has surprised all odds of making from a toxic environment even after being imprisoned for almost a decade and being shot 13 times while on the pursuit of greatness. Another feature on this album is from Money Bag Ty’s father Butta, who was shot and killed in a misconception over a misunderstanding. Butta was on the same label Money Bag Ty is now on Unify or Die Records as he is now in pursuit of the same greatness. 

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Money Bag Ty AKA the King of Cap Heights has been making music since the days of MySpace. Music is his release and therapy. It’s his goal to better his circumstances through music, and show the world that the belief in themselves and confidence is the key to success!

Money Bag Ty
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