Introducing to the World: Tracey Blake’s Classic Country Revival

Introducing to the World: Tracey Blake’s Classic Country Revival

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Tracey Blake is set to revolutionize country music by dropping his newest single: ‘KISS’ (by Prince).  A bold step for this Minneapolis resident, Tracey has done justice to the classic hit!

Minneapolis, MN – April 22nd, 2021 – Tracey Blake is a refreshing voice in the country music world. With his new cover dropping on April 23rd, 2021, the singer has proven that he is not afraid to take risks when it comes to music. With his cover of the classic song ‘Kiss’ by the famous Prince, Tracey Blake has big shoes to fill.

Tracey’s version of the song is country – (which sources close to Price say was the original intended genre for the song). Residing in Minneapolis, Tracey knew he had to honor his roots and re-make the song as country.

Tracey Blake challenging himself and shooting for the moon is proof that the singer is set to become a big name in the country music scene. The chill vibes and twangy nuggets throughout his version, presents this cover unlike anyone would expect.
Tracey hopes to bring people together with his newest single to enjoy ‘Kiss’ as a country cover.


Since he was five years old, Tracey Blake has been dedicated to music. Playing his first instrument, the bass, intrigued him about music. Over time, Tracey realized that his love for music is bigger than only playing the bass. He wanted to make a career out of doing what he loved.
Tracey decided to move to Minneapolis to focus on his music career. Since then, he has written songs and produced music full time. Performing at theatres and venues throughout the country, Tracey Blake has experience touring as a lead singer, guitar player, and hired gun.
After years of experience in the music world, Tracey started Big Hearts for Better Days Foundations to help children with terminal illnesses. The singer believes in giving back to the world through his music and donates portions of his proceeds to the foundation.

With his newest single: the cover of ‘Kiss’ by Prince, Tracey hopes to reach the hearts of country music lovers as well as general music fans everywhere connecting them to make a difference in the world through music.



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