Izabeyah’s Shower new album, “Sacred Garden” is going to be a new vibe for music listeners.

Izabeyah’s Shower new album, “Sacred Garden” is going to be a new vibe for music listeners.

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Wichita, Kansas, Sedgwick — Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 — Wichita, KS- Izabeyah Shower is a new artist who is eager to let her music writing gifts shine.  Learning piano at the age of 5 and guitar at the age of 18 she is ready to release all this artistic energy and it is coming out in her new album, “Sacred Garden.”  She has a mixture of laid back acoustic sounds and heavier beats using electronics.

Izabeyah has been known to perform in local and statewide music performances through schools and things of this nature.  She has been writing music since the year 1998 and her abilities have flourished along the way.  She is very in tune with the activities of today’s world and people and loves to vocalize herself through these songs.

It would be great to write or get to know and hear Izabeyah and her songs.  She is excited to be able to take this time on forward to release her repertoire that has been built up all these years.  I feel it would be a great idea to keep an eye on her work and music to judge for yourselves.  She is expecting lots of growth in the songs that she puts out henceforth.

For more information or further promo, requests contact Izabeyah at [email protected] – email or +1-316-252-6359 – phone

This is Izabeyah Shower’s first release as she is a new artist.  Her sounds are new and she is beginning her journey as a professional recording artist by releasing, “Sacred Garden.  Take this journey with her by staying tuned to new and coming releases by Izabeyah Shower.

If you would like to learn more, download a free track, or buy the album, you can email Izabeyah at [email protected].





Izabeyah Shower’s music is diverse as she plays piano, guitar, and keyboard.  Her sounds can vary with laid back acoustic sounds and more upbeat electronic sounds.  Her sounds can be likened to alternative, pop, rock, and semi-hip hop.



Izabeyah Shower
Izabeyah Shower
9100 E Harry, Apt 1307

Source: ArtistPR Press Release

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