J-Props- The Up and Coming Hip-Hop Artist

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Take A Look At The Story Of This Rapper

Pittsburgh, PA Music can be a powerful way to convey a message. This element of the art form was used by J-Props, and up and coming hip hop artist who has made significant progress in the field. After letting go of his initial passion for sports and graphic arts, J-Props pursued his newfound dream of becoming a rapper.

His passion for the art form has driven him to write and record 150 songs in less than a year. He has been involved with the industry for over ten years. His music is mainly lyrical, conveying a message regarding a particular subject. He uses this creative skill to channel his emotions into an elaborate and articulate song. The honesty and vulnerability in his lyrics are commendable as he does not hesitate to speak his mind.

The music constitutes an interesting dictionary that appeals to a wide part of the audience. Coupled with this, the unique flow and impeccable delivery of this artist’s music has made for the creation of a beautiful addition to the genre. J-Props’ music is far from superficial as it consists of matter that is thoroughly researched. His collection is available on Voice My Weapon Productions.

J-Props has a wide variety of genres included in his music, such as traditional hip hop, hardcore rap, freestyle hip hop/rap, industrial rock, indie rock, metal, R&B, House, and Club. Glimpses of these genres present in his music make his taste extremely versatile. Due to this, his music is appealing to people with different tastes in music. Additionally, he has experimented playing electric guitar, as well as keyboard.

His intimate relationship with music is revealed through the expansion of J-Props’ chosen name. As he discovered his passion for the art form, he formulated a name to represent what he believed in. The “J” stands for his first name, Jon, while “Props” is a representation for recognition of effort and hard work.

The hip-hop artist first showed interest in the music industry after he graduated with an associate’s degree in graphic design management. His creative talent was initially revealed through writing poetry in college, after which he took an active interest in the nuances of producing and recording music.

As he experimented with music, he dabbled in numerous genres and realized that hip hop was his true calling. This talent is reflected in his carefully curated collections. He believes in living your dream and swears by the power of lyrics and delivery in music. His inspiring beliefs are mainly responsible for his success in the field.



J-Props is an emerging hip hop artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He spent most of his childhood outdoors on the basketball court, baseball field and on a bmx bike riding thru the woods. During college, while J-Props attended business school, he took an interest in writing poetry, which soon transformed into producing music. Amidst juggling different career options such as marketing and graphic design, J-Props currently is involved in the IT field. He realized that he resonated the most with hip hop music, and thus is pursuing his dream of making music his full time career. Being involved with the industry for over ten years, he has released Voice My Weapon Productions.



Website https://j-props.com/


SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/j-props

Reverb Nation https://www.reverbnation.com//jprops

Itunes https://music.apple.com/us/artist/j-props/549292252

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/727VryA55GkLwdARvA6VMm?si=Y67o_jk4RoWZwpbMAPZw0g

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jprops2020/

Twitter https://twitter.com/props_j

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCumvdLRpj5JM_dY4IBbJr6w?view_as=subscriber

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