J-White Band Does it for the Lord


J-White Band ReviewJ-White Band is a Christian band with a little twist. “You Are” sounds great. The guitars complement one another well and the vocals are clear, clean cut and uplifting. With “Forever Praising” the band says that it’s all about God and what he had done for him. It’s a great song that mixes the spirit of Christian music, but the heart of Country. In “Thank You” the band gives thanks and that’s always nice to hear. You don’t hear that a lot on secular music, or at least as much as you should. The best of the bunch just might be “Remembering” though. It has this great calming feel to it and you feel every word being sung. If you’re a Country fan but like it with a Christian base, check out J-White Band. (https://www.facebook.com/Jwhiteband/timeline)