Jesse Eplan – Dreams


Jesse Eplan – Dreams 


Jesse Eplan is a New York City native who has chased his passion for music since first finding that desire at the tender age of seven years old. He quickly demonstrated a natural aptitude for performance thanks to being blessed with perfect pitch and the corresponding ability to master a variety of instruments. His latest single “Dreams” also shows that’s he possesses a great instinct for putting a song together. The single is barely three minutes and Eplan manages to encompass a world of musical experience with that condensed frame. His vocals take more and more command of the song as it continues and this shows his talent for tuning into exactly what his songwriting requires to achieve its full promise. It’s been quite an amazing ride for Eplan up to this point and “Dreams” is good enough to potentially send him into the stratosphere.  

The musical arrangement brings a few instruments together and makes it sound like a much larger experience. Everything is given its proper space in the mix and it helps the song breathe and move with surprising flexibility. Its loose, easy going feel is startling because of the track’s obvious structure and Eplan’s vocal matches it quite well. He has a great ear for following the song in such a way it blurs the issue for listeners about who is following who. It becomes clear, soon enough, that the arrangement is crafted to play as strongly as possible against the obvious strengths of his voice. These various elements come together nicely and never strain the listener’s attention. 

The words are surprisingly reflective for the form. Most performers working in this vein opt for the path of least resistance, mining the subject matter in recognizable ways, but Eplan chooses a different approach. There’s a sense in this song that he realizes how much he’s achieved and how much more remains within his grasp, but it can also vanish just as quickly as it arrived if he doesn’t stay focused. This sort of wisdom is impressive from any age, but a young artist like Eplan seeing the illusory quality behind our definitions of success is inspiring to hear. He delivers these often serious lines, however, with a musically pleasing voice and an entertaining ear for phrasing that helps bring his message to vivid life. The songwriting matches up exceptionally well with the instrumentation and the three primary elements of the track, vocals music and words, work together like smoothly functioning machinery  

This isn’t Jesse Eplan’s first widespread release, but it likely marks the moment when he fully manifests his potential for the first time.”Dreams” doesn’t simply turn in another rote interpretation of the idea of a singer’s dreams coming true and the exultation he feels; instead, it’s an intensely personal lyric married to an imaginative and quite tasteful musical backing. His talent shines brightly through every minute of this song and its combination of charisma and musical excellence ensures a wide audience will find it entertaining. 


Shannon Cowden